The first Mareona de Orlegi floods Miranda de Ebro with enthusiasm: “Today a new era begins and we have high hopes”

La Mareona got up early to face the first trip of the season and also that of a new era: a thousand Atletico fans traveled to Miranda de Ebro to cheer on Sporting’s debut with the Orlegi Group as owners. “Today a new era begins and we are hopeful”, the followers confessed.

The illusion in the fans is maximum. It is expected that around a thousand fans will be cheering on the team in the Anduva stands with a view to the match that begins at 7:00 p.m. against Mirandés. “Today is a very important day. It is a special day. It is a day to be all happy; the result is always important, but not as important as other things. Because an era begins that is exciting for everyone”, confessed Alejandro Suárez, one of the hundreds of Atletico fans. La Peña 1905, one of the noisiest and most numerous, occupied the premises located on Calle Dos de Mayo, in the center of Miranda de Ebro. “Vamos Sporting”, they cheered.

The expectation is maximum. And among those present there is excitement with the start of Abelardo’s project.



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