The final day of the hotly contested basketball “U18 Nissin Foods Tokai Block League Women” is finally here! – Basket Count | Basket Count

Hamamatsu Kaiseikan and Nagoya Keizai University Takakura, who are both undefeated, clash on the final day

Basketball “U18 Nissin Foods Block League” will start on August 9th. Of the four blocks of Kanto, Tokai, Chugoku, and Shikoku, the Tokai Block Women’s, which started early, finished the second day of the tournament yesterday and will be the final day today.

Tokai Block Girls are Prefectural Gifu Commercial (Gifu Prefecture), Prefectural Gifu Agriculture and Forestry (Gifu Prefecture), Hamamatsu Kaiseikan (Shizuoka Prefecture), Hamamatsu Gakuin (Shizuoka Prefecture), Nagoya University of Economics Takakura (Aichi Prefecture), Nagoya Women’s University ( Aichi Prefecture), Prefectural Yokkaichi Commerce (Mie Prefecture), and Yokkaichi Maryknoll Gakuin (Mie Prefecture).

Team rankings are determined by win-loss records, with the team winning each game receiving 2 points, the team losing 1 point, and the team losing each game forfeiting 0 points. The results of the second day of the competition are as follows.

Yokkaichi Commercial 68-77 Gifu Agriculture and Forestry
Nagoya Women’s University 46-65 Hamamatsu Kaiseikan
Nagoya University of Economics Takakura 77-49 Hamamatsu Gakuin
Yokkaichi Maryknoll Academy 88-73 Gifu Commercial
Hamamatsu Kaiseikan 80-51 Yokkaichi Commercial
Gifu Norin 54-91 Nagoya Women’s University
Gifu Commercial 54-75 Nagoya University of Economics high storehouse
Hamamatsu Gakuin 66-57 Yokkaichi Maryknoll Gakuin

After the second day of the tournament, each team played 4 games. At the moment, Hamamatsu Kaiseikan and Nagoya Keizai University Takakura are tied with 8 points with no wins, and Nagoya Women’s University with 3 wins and 1 loss is following with 7 points.

On the final day of the day, Hamamatsu Kaiseikan and Nagoya Keizai University Takakura, who have both won, will clash. It’s a tough schedule with 6 games in 3 days, but I hope the participating players will play without regrets and lead to future growth.



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