The day Shaq made Mike Tyson look like a fragile minus!

Already on the NBA courts, Shaquille O’Neal stood out thanks to his extraordinary physique… He was taller than the majority of his colleagues, but also much more imposing and muscular. And this observation is even more delusional in everyday life. The proof with this old photo with Mike Tyson.

The more the years pass, the more the NBA is filled with mutants with abnormal physique… For example, who could have foreseen twenty or thirty years ago that a player like Victor Wembanyama would evolve one day in the league. The young French basketball prodigy is huge, but unlike his predecessors who were over 2m20, he can move like a back and shoot!

Over time, more and more huge and very mobile players are expected to arrive, which could completely revolutionize the game. And then there could also be more Zion Williamson, that is to say smaller but incredibly strong and muscular jigs, very difficult to stop once launched. The evolution of bodies promises to be exciting to follow!

Mike Tyson ‘ridiculous’ next to Shaquille O’Neal

Although they may be more numerous in the future, physical monsters have always existed in the NBA, the best example being undoubtedly Shaquille O’Neal. The Diesel is 2m16, he spent his career around 150 kilos, and yet he was incredibly fast and explosive. And if he already seemed massive in the middle of his colleagues, he is even more so next to “ordinary” people. A photo with Mike Tyson has just surfaced, and the former world heavyweight boxing champion looks tiny!

Mike Tyson has never been the tallest, since he does not exceed 1m80… On the other hand, he has always been well above average in terms of muscle, with an exceptional build and terrifying arms and back . However, facing Shaquille O’Neal, Iron Mike looks not only small, but also not very imposing muscularly… An observation even more true with Floyd Mayweather, also present on the day of this meeting.

Shaquille O’Neal is much bigger than the majority of men on earth, even those who have shone in disciplines as demanding as boxing. Mike Tyson was a monster in the ring, but he’s no match for Diesel!



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