[The dailynews l 미래를 여는 희망찬 신문] [밀양시] Ideal for sports mecca, Milyang, as a training ground

[더데일리뉴스] The hottest season in Korea is passing. Even if I stand still outside, a friend called ‘heat’ comes to me to shrug my shoulders, but I’m not happy with it.

However, seeing professional athletes or dreamers preparing for the competition full of enthusiasm, they seem to be surprised and avoid the heat. Now in Miryang, there are field training teams that have visited or are scheduled to visit for various reasons to prepare for the competition and to conduct tactical training.

Miryang, the best place for field training! Let’s take a look at Miryang, a place where there are teams that we haven’t been to but have never been to.


More than 100 teams visit Miryang every year, from various business and general teams, university teams as well as middle school and elementary school teams. Why do so many badminton teams visit Miryang?

The Miryang Badminton Stadium was built in 2016 and is in operation. With a total floor area of ​​7,187.84㎡ and 20 courts, it is the best stadium that can accommodate many teams. In addition, it has excellent accessibility as it is close to the training site, restaurants where you can taste Miryang’s unique food, and accommodation. And although Miryang has the best badminton stadiums and excellent infrastructure, there is the ‘Miryang City Hall Badminton Team’ (Director Seungmo Son), which is one of the best teams in name and reality. The Miryang City Hall team is achieving excellent results, winning 4 times in the domestic competitions this year and 5 times in individual competitions. The visiting team can have a good opportunity to receive guidance from the Miryang City Hall team manager and players who have excellent capabilities through joint training and friendly matches during the field training visit. Alternatively, elite teams such as local governments and corporate teams can improve their skills and compensate for their weaknesses through friendly matches with the Miryang City Hall team.


Was the experience of successfully hosting the K League 2 Gyeongnam FC home game in 2022 a positive factor in reviewing the visit to Miryang for field training? Recently, the number of inquiring teams is increasing.

The Miryang Sports Complex is favored by professional soccer teams as it can hold special training privately due to the stadium structure and location and has a reputable natural turf. Miryang Auxiliary Stadium is a stadium that operates in the best condition in all four seasons, and night training is possible when the lighting tower is completed at the end of August. The auxiliary stadium is preferred by middle and high school teams with a high preference for artificial turf.


Many teams visit Miryang to prepare for the cycling event held every February and March. Although the cycling event is not held in Miryang, the reason to visit Miryang is the excellent environmental conditions. Miryang, located in the southern region, has a warm temperature, so it is possible to train according to schedule. It has a curved course suitable for training and there are few vehicles running on the road, so the safety of athletes is given priority. And Miryang, a city with clean air enough to be selected as a ‘Good Air City’, has the best environmental conditions for outdoor training.


Miryang City is mainly visited by college students, middle and high school students, and was the baseball field insufficient for an adult professional baseball team to visit? A sports park that will satisfy not only junior college teams but also adult professional baseball teams is preparing to open in June 2023. The city is ambitiously preparing for the Miryang Rural Tourism and Recreation Complex. Accommodation facilities, restaurants, and sports parks are being built, and it has the advantage of being able to provide all meals and lodging within the resort complex. The sports park has four baseball fields.[성인구장 2(메인구장 1, 보조구장 1), 유소년 구장 2], a training center, etc. will be built to provide a perfect place for games and field training. It is expected to satisfy the needs of many baseball teams as professional baseball teams or elite baseball teams will visit and provide basic training at the training center and field training at the sports park. Currently, the most active stadium in Miryang is Gagok Baseball Stadium, a place visited by the university department for field training.

In addition, other sports teams are visiting Miryang for field training. Many visiting teams are returning to Miryang, and the city is actively providing various administrative support.

Kang-ho Lee, head of the Sports Promotion Division, said, “Miryang City is open to all sports-loving teams. I hope that other teams who have not visited will also visit and feel the charm of Miryang.

Meanwhile, the ‘2022 Korea Middle and High School Badminton Federation President’s National Student Championship’ will be held at the Miryang Badminton Stadium for 11 days from the 27th to the 6th of the next month. This competition is the second elite competition to be held after the Federation President’s National University Badminton Badminton Championships held in Miryang in April, and can be viewed both on-site and online.

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