The Copa del Rey is reset today

Today begins another Copa del Rey Mapfre. And it does so thanks to the fact that the scoring system for a few years means that the last three days the boats start with the same points as the place they occupy after finishing the first three days. The points accumulated in the first six heats disappear and new classifications begin by adding the points of the last six heats. Why? It is not known for sure, but one day a genius got up on the right foot and came up with it. The fact is that if in these first three days you have been disqualified, nothing happens because you discard those points as soon as you start today’s first heat. Very unfair and incredible in a regatta of this category. Something that calls into question the honorability of the competition and that generates a great division of opinions between shipowners, skippers and sailors. A very tight ORC 1 The ORC (BMW) class, as the sixth round ended yesterday, HM Hospitales would be the main candidate to win the Copa del Rey Mapfre because it beats Estrella Damm by 8 points, but tomorrow when the first round begins will only get one. The Borabunda, last in the general classification, with 105 points. Tomorrow it will have 18. All in all, what has been done so far is worth absolutely nothing and a new regatta begins that will be played among the top five or six. Thus, HM Hospitales leads the classification with 1 point and had 17; Estrella Damm, second with 2 (25); Palibex, third with 3(26); Red Bandit, fourth with 4 (29)… DK 46 HM Hospitales, Estrella Damm and Palibex are going to suffer a lot to beat TP 52 Red Bandit, who has won three of the 6 races played and if he continues this progression, today leader will be placed. In the ORC 2 (BMW) class, the leader Teatro Soho, owned by Javier Banderas, has won all six races for which he has 6.5 points and Godspeed is last with 84 points, but tomorrow he will have 14. Even worse is that in At the moment the leader takes 8 points from Katarina, who is second and tomorrow she will only take one. Every year that passes there are fewer quality units and this may have to do with this classification method, especially in the star groups of the Copa del Rey Mapfre. More of the same in the ORC group (BMW) in which Scugnizza leads the classification with 10 points, followed by Andalusian Brujo, with 19, who will have 1 and 2 points respectively, and the last classified, Petit has 120 points and now has 20. Nico Martínez The very competitive Swans The Swan 50 class is led by Hendrik Brandis’ Earlybird, followed one point behind by Pablo Garriga’s Spanish Tenaz, who is having a very interesting Copa del Rey Mapfre and that yesterday he won the first round. In ClubSwan 42 he leads the Spirit of Nernia. The Spanish Pez de Abril is third and Nadir fifth. Women’s Cup The Women’s Cup (Mallorca Sotheby’s) is turning out to be very interesting. The classification is led by Team RCNP, masterfully captained by María Bover and putting Natalia Vía Dufresne’s Dorsia Covirán in check, whom she has won three points in this first phase of the Copa del Rey Mapfre. The Andalusians from the Trocadero are third to seven points, but tomorrow they will start with one and two points behind the Majorcans. Total, that today the race course of Palma is going to be a hive of boats, classes and confrontations to try to reach the head of the classifications. What happens today can become the usual for the last two days. There are six heats left in each of the classes and, so far, the weather has been behaving with several days of embat, which has greatly enhanced the show. The last three days are expected to continue with the same wind intensity. The Navy, forty years supporting the Cup The Real Club Náutico de Palma has honored the Naval Regatta Commission of the Navy, whose contribution to the development of Spanish sailing and the regatta has been key since the first edition in 1982. The Cup del Rey Mapfre has paid tribute to this institution coinciding with the anniversary of the V Centenary of the First Sailing Tour of the World by Juan Sebastián Elcano. The King attended the event as a member of the crews of the Navy ships. Nico Martínez Rankings ORC 1 (BMW) 1. MH Hospitales (1/3/7/1/2/3), 17 (1). 2. Estrella Damm (4/5/3/3/3/7), 25. (2). 3. Palibex (6/4/2/4/5/5), 26. (3). 4. Red Bandit (DSQ/1/1/5/1/2), 29. (4). 5. From Now On (3/9/4/2/8/4), 30. (5). 6. Arobas (2/7/11/9/4/1), 34. (6). 7. Aifos (7/2/5/6/7/9), 36. (7). 8. Ulika (5/8/8/8/6/8), 43. (8). 9. Urbania (8/6/6/7/11/6), 44. (9). ORC 2 (BMW) 1. Soho Theater (1.5/1/1/1/1/1), 6.5 (1). 2. Katarina (1.5/2/3/3/3/2), 14.5 (2). 3. Elena Nova (4/3/4/2/2/3), 18 (3). 4. Defcom (5/6/2/7/4/4), 29 (4). 5. Fandango (5/6/2/7/6/6), 32 (5). ORC3 (BMW) 1. Scugnizza (1/1/1/1/1/5)), 10 (1). 2. Warlock (3/2/3/6/2/2), 19 (2). 3. Immac Fram (5/5/2/2/3/4), 21 (3). 4. Tanit (2/4/6/5/4/1), 23 (4). 5. Varicenter (6/11/5/3/8/3), 36 (5). ORC4 (BMW) 1. Meerblik (1/2/2/2/2/2), 11 (1). 2. Enewtec (2/3/1/2/3/3), 13 (2). 3. Mestral (3/1/8/8/1/1), 22 (3). Swan 50 1. Earl Bird (11/3/2/2/2/5), 25 (1). 2. Tenacious (3/8/3/7/1/4), 26 (2), 3. One Group (4/4/9/1/9/1), 28 (3). Swan 42 1.Spirit Nernia (1/1/6/2/1/2), 13 (1). 2. Raving (6/4/1/3/5/3), 22 (2). 3. April Fish (5/2/8/5/2/1), 23 (3). Swan 36 1. Farstar (4/1/5/1/1/2), 14 (1). 2. Gspot (2/6/1/4/2/4), 19 (2). 3. Goddes (1/3/3/5/4/6), 22 (3). Womens Cup (Mallorca Sotheby’s) 1. Tean RCNP (2/1/1/1/5/1), 11 (1). 2. Dorsia Covirán (1/4/3/3/1/2), 8 (2). 3. Trocadero (5/2/2/2/4/3), 18 (3). 4. Salt (3/3/4/5/2/5), 22. (4). 5. Ethnicity (6/5/5/6/3/4), 29 (5). 6. Herbalife (4/6/6/4/6/6), 32 (6). J70 1. Les Roches (4/6/1/1/1/2), 15 (1). 3. Warden (1/5/3/2/2/6), 16 (2). 3. Let it Be (3/1/2/6/3/4), 19 (3).



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