the clause, the calls and the request to the fans

The phrases of the conference:

When they presented me with the possibility of the return, we analyzed it and here we are. Beyond that one thought about taking vacations, the possibility of returning to a great independent is difficult to put aside. We have the advantage of knowing the squad, beyond the fact that there are ten new players. We can work.

Beyond winning or losing, I show the work with seriousness, assuming the commitment in each club in which we were. That marks the responsible work we have done, beyond the fact that seven months have passed. When I arrived in Colón I also said the same thing. We know that we are fighting from behind, for the score. I congratulated the players for what they did against Colón and stressed that if it could be done, it can be done. We have to demand that and repeat it every game.

The clause in December does not exist, I cannot go to a club thinking that I am going for two or three months. In private I spoke with some people, I am not going to name names, who told me that my presence in the club was good. I’m not talking about ruling party or opposition, I’m talking about some leaders. I have had the support to sit here and face the players. We do not get involved in politics, we simply work on what we like, what is good for us.

The team played a very good game, the rivals are different. We will have the decision between tomorrow, the day after and Saturday. There are players who were in 3 or 4 positions, and I am interested in knowing in which position they are most comfortable.

There were three or four separate players, we brought them back. It is not good that professional players are separated, there was no reason. They are players who played in my previous management, as in the case of Asís, Pacchini, Sosa and Zarza.

Except for Chuky Ferreyra, who I had when I was very young, the others are the first meetings we are having. We are familiarizing ourselves with what they need to make them feel comfortable.

We saw each other when we met in Santa Fe. In this, our work is very changeable, I think Eduardo did a very good job. I still have the same love and respect for Eduardo. He has a long future and road ahead. Football is this, it is not teaching and training. I haven’t talked to him these days.

We will be evaluating, they are guys that we have to see them on a day-to-day basis to be able to see if we give them filming. It is a time for the greatest. It was a wise decision by Juan José and Toti to give that responsibility to the big ones so as not to give the younger ones a hectic beginning of professionalism. The youth have to appear in a consolidated team and we are going in that search.

We have until Sunday but the Argentine market is very complicated. If a player appears that can be economically accessible, we will talk. The more variants, we will try to take advantage of them.

The team has to play with the independent fan. It is already marked when the elections are, it is a request from the fan to stop that, beyond his voting decision and to support the players. May he be with us. The boys felt that background, that extra pressure. That’s why I say it’s a time for the greats.

We were generally identified with someone who represented someone from the club. We do not incorporate it as someone from the outside, if we do not make it part of it. I want to give you freedom at work.

Decisions must be respected, I hope to have that job in the future. And let the decisions be mine. That is the job, evaluating, talking with the board. It did us good to continue learning. The forms are decided by one, in this I am neither above nor he is below. There is no rematch or anything like that. If I had made the decision in his place, I would have made the same decision as him but in a different way.



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