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In the Graziola area a Faenzain the province of Ravenna, one will be born sports citadel: the project was in fact included in the scope of National Plan of Recovery and Resilience PNRRwith the preliminary project admitted to the concertation and negotiation phase in the Mission 5 Sport and social inclusion call.

The citadel of sport in Faenza has access to funding for 2.5 million euros.

Il feasibility project provides, in an area of ​​about 120 thousand square meters, a series of interventions that increase the usability for the members of sports clubs and for simple sports enthusiasts.

Today the Graziola sports facility it hosts some specific disciplines: athletics, football, rugby, baseball and archery.

Not far away is a golf club and the PalaCattani which hosts basketball competitions and training and other disciplines such as handball and volleyball.

The citadel of sport in Faenza foresees an extensive redevelopment of the Graziola, with the aim of creating a space accessible to all, even for people with disabilities, by intervening on the existing one and creating new fields and covered spaces.

The project for the citadel of sport in Faenza

The first step of the project, which will start by the end of this year, will be a profound one maintenance of the athletics track used by one of the historical societies of the city.

This work, included in the financial statements, will be financed by Municipality of Faenza for 500 thousand euros: the 2.5 million euros that will arrive through the PNRR will instead be used for subsequent interventions.

Free outdoor sports areas will also be added, with equipment accessible to sportsmen and others, for people of all ages and even those with mobility difficulties.

As regards the works financed through the PNRR for the citadel of sport in Faenza, some changing rooms will be renovated and new ones will be built for baseball and rugby.

A Club house will be created specifically for rugby, a place where the Third Half, one of the most popular social moments for sportsmen and fans of the discipline, can be played after the match.

Two five-a-side football pitches will then be built and the two existing football fields and their respective stands will be redeveloped.

The bars and restaurants will also be redeveloped, to enhance them and make them more functional.

A new indoor facility will house offices and meeting rooms so that, upon request, spaces dedicated to training will be available.

Finally, an area, currently outdoors, will be covered with a canopy and can be a starting point for foot and bicycle races, including amateur ones.

Finally, among the structural and landscape objectives, the project for the citadel of sport in Faenza contemplates the harmonization of the Graziola facility with the nearby Golf Club.



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