the Chinese James Zhou will soon leave the presidency of Auxerre

The Chinese James Zhou, majority shareholder of AJ Auxerre (Ligue 1 football), will soon leave the presidency of the Icaunais club which he has held since May 11, 2021, he announced to AFP on Tuesday. Mr. Zhou, who took control of AJA in October 2016, has combined his role of reference shareholder with that of executive chairman for fourteen months, after having succeeded Francis Graille whose four-year contract did not expire. been extended.

«I am not the best president for AJ Auxerre because I have many other occupations with many different functions. Moreover, I am not a specialist in French football. I have clearly defined the ideal profile of the future president of AJA, who must be French and know French football well. I hope to find my replacement as soon as possible.“, he said. AJ Auxerre, winner of Saint-Etienne in the play-off last spring, is back in Ligue 1 after ten years of purgatory in L2. The icaunaise team lost in match of the 1st day of Ligue 1 on the ground of Lille (4-1) and will receive Angers Sunday at the Abbé-Deschamps stadium.



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