The big question about Kevin Durant at the Nets!

If Kevin Durant still wants to leave Brooklyn, his franchise continues to plan for the coming season on the assumption that he will be in the workforce. In this case, a famous analyst thinks that there is a big question on which we will have to look, around the double champion.

Visibly, son ultimatum will only have had the effect of a stroke of the sword in the water. Ready to do anything to cause his departure from the Nets, Kevin Durant clearly did not get what he wanted since owner Joe Tsai has no intention of firing coach Steve Nash or GM Sean Marks, let alone the of them. At the same time, no negotiations over the winger seem to be moving forward, so the chances of him still playing for the New York superteam next year are high.

Since the situation of Kyrie Irving has not really changed either, we could well and truly witness the debut of the Big Three 2.0 that they will form with Ben Simmons. But in what state of mind? That’s another story, especially regarding the Slim Reaper. Skip Bayless has also looked into the subject, on the set of the show Undisputedputting himself in the place of blacks and whites:

KD motivated enough to play with the Nets?

A big question arises about Kevin Durant. As Brian Windhorst said, the Nets hope he will comply with their plans. I believe the Nets rely on KD’s basketball personality because at the end of the day, he’s just a player. There are things that happen off the court for him, like in the business world for example, but in the end he satisfies his competitive spirit by playing basketball.

I sincerely believe that he works at least as much as LeBron James on a daily basis, in order to be ready to play at all times. He will be ready to play physically, but the question is whether he will be emotionally ready to play. Will he have the heart to work? Because I don’t think he had the heart to play against the Celtics in the last playoffs, the way he got beaten up there.

The good news is that unlike other players, Brooklyn doesn’t have to worry about KD going on strike. It is known to all, the n°7 loves to play as soon as he has the opportunity and he therefore refuses to stay on the bench if he is able to put on his outfit. All the more so after having had a white season, in 2019-20. That being said, committing 100% to a squad he doesn’t seem to believe in is hard to imagine. Not resolving to do so, however, attracted everyone’s wrath, even though he didn’t really care.

Will Kevin Durant have enough motivation to play hard for the Nets in 2022-23? Because we are heading straight for this scenario. If he is the type to put the gum as soon as he is on the floor, the circumstances are quite particular in the case of the Slim Reaper.


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