The best version of Arantza Moreno

The pitcher from Ermua participates this Thursday in her second European Championship after a tough year marked by the death of her father

Igor Barcia

Arantza Moreno returns to a European four years later. From Berlin’18 to Munich’22. Again in Germany, again in an Olympic stadium. The ermuarra thrower returns this Thursday to a javelin qualification (starting at 9 in the morning) ready to fight for the final and to show that at 27 years of age she continues to take steps to embed herself among the best specialists on the continent and that those 60 meters that have resisted him are getting closer.

To reach her second European Championship, Arantza Moreno has had to fight again with the brands to score points and qualify for the ranking established by the World Athletics. A demanding process that has ended with a presence in Munich that the pitcher, from German lands, considers “a reward for all my work, all the effort I have made and the desire to be in the European Championship,” he tells El Correo.

Because the one from Ermua has not only battled against brands on this road to Germany. Life dealt him a hard blow last April with the death of his father, in full preparation for the outdoor season, and Moreno has had to fight against emotions and his head to face training and competitions . “It was a very tough process. We found out about Aita’s illness in October of last year and he passed away in April. And although it gives you time to prepare for the worst, afterwards it has been very difficult to turn it around, face it, “admits Moreno. “We are a very close family and it threw us off,” he continues. “And although we knew that we had to move on, in my case it was noticeable in the competitions, where I was very irregular. Realize that, in javelin, the head, the concentration, has a very important role and you must be one hundred percent focused for everything to go well. And that cost a lot.”

The fact that I was previously working with a sports psychologist was a help to center and focus a season where the European Championship was still on the horizon, but it was very difficult to start moving towards Germany. «The national title in Nerja was very important, but where I was able to go to Munich was at the meeting in Barcelona. Those 58.63 meters, which gave me a lot of points, were decisive to advance, “admits Moreno.

Complete trust

During those difficult months, the Biscayan pitcher relied on her coach, Idoia Mariezkurrena, and her training group in Pamplona, ​​where the Biscayan moved from Fadura a few years ago to live and train. “I am very satisfied with the decision I made. My group meets all the necessary conditions to be comfortable and continue progressing, ”says Moreno, who after coming out of a very complicated situation has once again focused on those 60 meters that resist him (he is 59.69). «I am sure that I have them, and that sooner or later they will come out. I do not know if in the European, but I work with that hope. I am 27 years old and I am convinced that I have very nice years ahead of me and challenges such as the Paris Games », which would serve to remove her disappointment at her absence in Tokyo, where she did not qualify.

But first there is Munich. This Thursday. The grade. “I’m going for all of them. It’s a prize, but I’m not satisfied with that. I want to fight for the final. My family will also be there and it will be very emotional, although I will have to manage my emotions to focus on my shots and get the best out of myself.


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