The Bbc Grosseto struggles with its teeth, but yields to Bologna in race 2 – GrossetoSport

Bologna – The Bbc Grosseto, fails to stop the march of UnipolSai confirmed to be there and also on Saturday afternoon, before suffering three points in the final shots, which ended the match at 6-2, he fought evenly, even taking the lead by 2-0 in the 1st inning. Grosseto, who lost Herrera to injury (ankle sprain) immediately unlocked the result: Chelli receives a base from Crepaldi and goes to third on the defensive error of Bologna, Herrera runs towards the first, but in the impact with the pillow he gets hurt and is replaced by Ferretti. Barcelan is hit and full bases, with two outs, captain Andrea Sgnaolin sends the ball to the left and scores two points.

Bologna at the change of field immediately puts Cozzolino in difficulty, who suffers a double. After eliminating Bertossi, Josephina’s joke shortens the distance. The red and white starter concedes three base balls in a row; the draw comes on a crazy pitch, the overtaking on the beat of Grimaudo in diamond. Cozzolino recovers and keeps the Becagli Spirulina afloat until the end of the fourth, with the result stopped at 3-2. At the 5th Hidalgo is baptized by Josephina’s triple, at home on Lampe’s valid. Luis Gonzalez signs the final 6-2 in the sixth with a double over Oscar Tucci. Grosseto beat more but failed to score against Andretta and Bassani, despite Albert’s double in the final.

Results of the last day of the championship, the results of Saturday afternoon:

Gir. A1: Nettuno 1945 – Camec Collecchio 4-1; San Marino – Parmaclima 4-1

Gir. B1: UnipolSai Fortitudo Bologna – Spirulina Becagli Grosseto 6-2; Hort @ Godo – Campidonico Turin 4-7

Race 2, UnipolSai Bologna-Spirulina Becagli Grosseto 4-2

SPIRULINA BECAGLI: Albert 8 (1/2), Chelli 7 (1/2) (Fancello 0/1), Herrera 6 (0/1) (Ferretti 0/1, Franceschelli 0/1) Barcelan bd (0/1) (Ambrosino 0 /1), Loardi 9 (0/3), Sgnaolin 3 (1/3, 2pbc), Vaglio 4 (0/3), Sarrocco 2 (1/3), Gentili 5 (1/2).

UNIPOLSAI BOLOGNA: Paolini 4 (1/4), Bertossi 7 (0/3) (Fuzzi), Josephina 5 (1/3), Gonzalez bd (1/3), Lampe 9 (1/3), Deotto 2 (0/2) , Grimaudo 3 (0/1), Dobboletta 8 (0/3), Dreni 6 (1/2).

REFEREES: Renovator, Meloni, Fabrizi.

POINTS: Grosseto 200.000.0: 2 (6bv-1e); Bologna 300.012.x: 6 (5bv-2e)

LAUNCHERS: Cozzolino (p.) 4rl-2bv-5bb-0so-3pgl, Hidalgo 1rl-2bv-1bb-0so-1pgl, Tucci 1rl-1bv-1bb-0so-2pgl; Crepaldi 3rl-3bv-2bb-5so-0pgl, Andretta (v.) 2rl-2bv-1bbv-2so-0pgl, Bassani 2rl-1bv-0bb-2so-0pgl.

NOTE: triplo Josephina, doppio Paolini, Albert, Gonzalez Taveras. Il



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