The Badminton World Championships are about to start. Lin Dan explains his debut to help the national feathers_Bao Chunlai_Youku_Sports

Original title: The Badminton World Championships is about to start, Lin Dan explains his debut to help Guoyu

The picture shows the conference site, provided by the organizer.

China News Service Client, August 18 (Reporter Xing Rui) The 2022 Badminton World Championships will be played in Tokyo, Japan from August 22 to 28. On the 18th, the Chinese badminton team went to the World Championships and Youku Sports Strategy Conference was held in Beijing. At the press conference, world champion Bao Chunlai cheered for Guoyu, and expressed his expectation to bring a wonderful commentary to the fans with Lin Dan.

In this Badminton World Championships, the Chinese badminton team has a total of 7 singles players and 7 pairs of doubles teams to participate in the competition, of which women’s singles and women’s doubles have achieved full participation. It is reported that during the competition, Olympic champion Lin Dan will make his commentary debut on Youku Sports. At the same time, Bao Chunlai, Gao Ling, Cai Yun, Li Xuerui and other world champions, as well as network experts Wang Xiaoyu, college teachers Xu Dapeng and Wang Yi will also act as commentators. guest.

Bao Chunlai said that every competition is an opportunity for old friends to meet: “I am honored to be able to comment on the World Championships with so many teammates. I used to be partners with them on the field, but I didn’t expect to be a commentator partner with them now. I feel that commentary, like a coach, needs to be objective, comprehensive, and calm, and I also hope to interact more with users through barrage and other methods in the commentary.”

This year’s World Championships, Youku Sports will live broadcast the whole process, with a daily live broadcast time of more than 10 hours. At the same time, the platform will also produce planning programs such as game highlights, top five balls, interpretation of big players, professional voices, and the frontline of national badminton to provide users with more badminton content. (Finish)Return to Sohu, see more


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