The 11th Sunchang Gochujangbae National Badminton Competition was held

The 11th Sunchang Gochujangbae National Badminton Tournament was successfully completed in Sunchang-gun, Jeollabuk-do.


The event was hosted by the Sunchang-gun Sports Association, organized by the Sunchang-gun Badminton Association, and sponsored by Jeollabuk-do and Sunchang-gun, and was held at three stadiums, including the Sunchang-gun National Sports Center, for two days from the 6th to the 7th.

This competition was not held for the last time in 2019, before the outbreak of Corona 19, but was held for the first time in three years according to the government’s policy to lift the distance.

All the players participating in the badminton tournament were from non-elite backgrounds, and the game was divided into 70 groups according to age, gender, and game method.

Initially, the event was planned to be held in two stadiums, the National Sports Center and the Disabled Gymnasium, but as more than 1,000 people hoped to participate, more than expected, the Sunchang Jeil High School Gymnasium was rented and held in three stadiums.

As it is a critical time in the midst of the re-spread of Corona 19, Sunchang-gun and the Sunchang-gun Badminton Association focused on thorough facility quarantine and played the game.

It is said that they did their best to protect the health of their club members and prevent the spread of Corona in the area through temperature checks and meticulous facility disinfection.

Choi Yeong-il, mayor of Sunchang County, said, “I am delighted to have a meaningful event where all badminton fans from all over the country gather for the first time in three years. I will try,” he said.



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