Terrell Owens: ‘I could have died’

Terrell Owens stated that he may have been killed after a heated argument with a woman who claimed that the former star of the NFL had been stalking her.

He is a former player of Dallas Cowboys he felt that had the situation been different, his life might have been in danger. The woman expressed her anger against Owens after he ran a red light and nearly collided with her.

i call her”Karen” on social media, an insult used against middle-aged white women.

“I could have died. Honestly, I could have died and the story would have been totally different,” he declared to TMZ.

“If the wrong policemen had come out, if they had had the wrong type of information. She, they saw the video, she started crying, you never know how that situation could have changed,” added the member of the group. hall of fame.

“I hope that the people here in Florida are monitoring what happened,” he said. Owens.

“I hope that she can address this and see what can be done, as I said, because this could have gotten really bad. another sense”, concluded the former player of the Cowboys.



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