Ter Stegen, Ansu Fati and the squares

One of the keys to Barça being able to collect five points in the first two league games has been Ter Stegen. Without his stops, the analyses, and perhaps also the results, would have been different. Squares, triangles, high and low blocks, lines or spaces have succumbed to the forcefulness in the areas: a goalkeeper who stops and strikers who score. Pim-pam

It is not a small thing, even if the learned are left unable to let go of their speeches, because in the face of simplicity there is no need for many explanations. Real Madrid, for example, would not have achieved the double last campaign without the brilliant contributions of Courtois and Benzema. And no matter how much they insist on discrediting simplicity, football is often responsible for disarming blackboard fanatics.

Barça, moreover, is entangled in its own labyrinth in the face of the evidence that in the most glorious era, when more titles were won and in a more beautiful way, there was an idea behind it. That of Pep Guardiola, specifically, and Xavi Hernández was one of the pillars on which the temple was built with a center of the field that was not a passing station that you could skip without further ado. From the bench, Xavi continues to talk about being a model, despite the fact that his is still unrecognizable and requires time and patience. To try, to insist and to resist, but between the dough that the club has left in signings by activating levers and the demanding group that has been played in the Champions League, it is better that they find the key soon.

While the team curdles and without having the staff closed – this Saturday the coach once again admitted his desire for the market to end once and for all – it would be advisable not to devalue what you already have with grandiloquent analyzes or little adjusted to reality. It’s also worth winning, for example, with an inspired Ter Stegen in the first half against Real and with the stellar appearance of Ansu Fati in the second. So much, what’s the point! Enjoying the forcefulness in the areas until the square, triangle or geometric figure that is invented really works is not a sin. Admit it naturally, either.


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