Tan participation in table tennis in the national third force

Newsroom/Quadratín Tlaxcala

TLAXCALA, Tlax., August 7, 2022.- The Tlaxcalan team shone during its participation in the Third Force National Championship, held at the Mexican Olympic Committee, in Mexico City, last weekend, where it won four medals bronze in their respective categories.

In the sub 13 women’s category, it was Rubí Eleanor Fernández Hernández who won the first metal, an action that made her part of the national team for the Guatemalan Central American Championship 2022, to be held from August 10 to 14 of this month.

In this sense, the team made up of Mariloli Viera Munive, Rubí Eleonor Fernández Hernández and Shelinn Pérez Hernández, also climbed to the podium within the sports competition that brought together the talent of the specialty.

In this regard, the coach Olga Luisa Jach Cabrera, highlighted that the performance of the players of the women’s team was optimal, since the average age of the Tlaxcalan team is less than 15 years; however, they faced older athletes, with a greater margin of experience in the national and international arena.

On the other hand, in the promotional under 15 men’s category, Axel Pakal García Sánchez and Antonio Pérez Hernández, ranked third during their performance in the tournament.

Jach Cabrera lamented that the men’s team had not been on the podium, “we will continue working every day with the aim that our athletes increase their technical-tactical level, so that they can have more actions that allow them to close the matches and encounters in their favor. ”, he pointed out.



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