Taisei Marukawa branded diving, ridiculed


Taisei Marukawa was labeled for diving during PSIS Semarang against Barito Putera. The Japanese striker has been teased in cyberspace.

PSIS hosted Barito Putera at the Jatidiri Stadium, Semarang, Saturday (6/8/2022) on week 3 of Liga 1 2022. The host had left behind first.

Barito can take the lead in the 16th minute, through Rafael Silva’s header. Utilizing Rizky Pora’s measured crossing from the left side, Silva’s header sent the ball into the PSIS goal, which was escorted by Ray Redondo. Score 1-0 for the visitors.

PSIS could then reply in the 29th minute. Laskar Mahesa Jenar was awarded a penalty, after Taisei Marukawa was deemed to have been violated in the penalty box.

The moment occurred when Taisei had a duel with Frank Rikhard. When the ball rolled past Rikhard, the Barito Putera player fell.

Taisei, who was trying to catch up, then also fell down. In fact, there was almost no contact from Rikhard when the 25-year-old player fell.

However, the referee still pointed to the spot. Jonathan Cantillana was then able to execute a 12-kick fit into a goal. Not long after, PSIS was able to take the lead through Wawan Febrianto’s goal, and the 2-1 score lasted until the game broke up.

On social media, many criticized Taisei’s actions. The former Persebaya Surabaya player was labeled diving in order to get a penalty.

Taisei Marukawa dicap ‘Raja Diving’Kang Diving‘, until called TaiseidivingMarukawa. Some also think that Liga 1 2022 really needs VAR so that incidents like this can be resolved on the field.

The victory itself became the first time PSIS achieved this season, after being detained by RANS Nusantara and being bent by Arema FC. The team from Central Java has now collected four points, while Barito Putera continues to collect 3 points from two defeats and one win.




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