SZ Podcast: The start of the Bundesliga – Sport

5: 3 in the Supercup against Leipzig, 6: 1 at the start of the Bundesliga against Frankfurt – FC Bayern seems to be able to absorb the departure of top scorer Robert Lewandowski, at least against national opponents. In any case, the opening weekend allows the assumption that nothing will change at the top in this round either and that coach Julian Nagelsmann’s plan with his proven and new players will work out. But what about behind it, with clubs like Borussia Dortmund and Bayer Leverkusen, second and third last season? Will SC Freiburg become the real challenger? Or will the long interruption caused by the World Cup in Qatar whirl everything up anyway?

Presenter Anna Dreher talks about this in this episode of “And now to sport” with football experts Christof Kneer and Philipp Selldorf.

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