(SUMMARY) Turkey – Ukraine match result: 96-70 – Basketball News

Our National Men’s Basketball Team, led by head coach Ergin Ataman, played the first friendly match of 2023 World Cup Qualification and 2022 European matches tomorrow. Crescent-Yıldızlılar managed to win the debate at Sinan Erdem Spor with a score of 96-70.

Buğrahan Tuncer, Cedi Osman, Furkan Korkmaz, Sadık Emir Kabaca and Sertaç Şanlı lead the competition 49-29 in the first half of Ukraine, our upcoming Crescent-Stars with five.

Cedi Osman played 17 points, Alperen Şengün 15 and Furkan Korkmaz 14 points in our Men’s National Team. In Ukraine, Artem Pustovyi scored 16 points.

They will play 3 matches in Istanbul

With the period of Ergin Ataman, the 2nd coach in the national team, our 12 Giant Men thought smart about their first exam. Our National Team, which will play 3 matches in the Istanbul leg, will face Slovenia tomorrow and Poland on Sunday. Our 12 Giant Men, who will pass through Athens, will finish their friendlies with Greece on August 17, Poland on August 18 and the hosts again on 19.

On August 25, our opponent Latvia

Crescent-Stars will face Latvia away on August 25 and in the game on August 28 in the second round of 2023 World Cup Qualifiers. Our 12 Giant Men will compete in the 2022 European match, which will start on September 1st. In Group A, Montenegro will face Bulgaria, home country Georgia, Belgium and Spain.




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