Suarez effect? The offer that Edinson Cavani received after rejecting Boca Juniors’ proposal

Cavani is now coveted by Peñarol and his DT will call him to join (Photo: Agencies)

After the frustrated arrival of Edinson Cavani to Boca Juniorsthe 35-year-old Uruguayan striker is now in the sights of another South American giant and his country, Penarolwhich seeks to counteract the impact generated by the incorporation of Luis Suarez a National. In the last few hours, the Carbonero coach stated that he is going to get involved so that the gunner can be a luxury reinforcement. The footballer in turn wants to define his situation for the next World Cup in Qatar.

Manya’s technical director, Leo Ramosstated that he wants to call Cavani and the defender Martin Caceres (also 35 years old), both players from the sky-blue team, in order to persuade them to play on his team, so that they can reach the ecumenical contest.

“The mere fact of naming them and having them in the club would be a great pride and joy for us. They are top-tier players. We talked about it, the idea is that an effort can be made. Nacho (Ruglio) already said that he was going to do it and that he was going to talk to them. For us, it would add a lot more category to the squad, which is already a squad with a lot of category”, assured Leo Ramos in dialogue with 100% Sport (Sport 890).

Asked if he himself could communicate with both players, Ramos said that “it’s part of the coach’s job. Surely at some point I’m going to do it, I’m going to talk, try to convince them to come with us. I tell you more, it can even be today“, advancement.

Cavani was released after not renewing with Manchester United (Reuters/John Sibley)
Cavani was released after not renewing with Manchester United (Reuters/John Sibley)

It should be remembered that this weekend some sources took Cavani’s arrival at Boca Juniors for granted, but on Sunday it was learned that the former Manchester United striker gave up the possibility of reaching the xeneize club because his family preferred to stay and live in Europe . The news generated a cataract of memes.

With the beginning of the championships of the most important European leagues, the countdown also began for Cavani, who must define his future as soon as possible. The player has been training in Montevideo for a few weeks, looking for optimal physical shape.

Edinson’s contract with United expired on June 30 and he did not renew it. His priority is to stay in some club in the Old World. For this reason, the former Palermo, Napoli and PSG footballer rejected the offer of an 18-month contract made by Juan Román Riquelme, second vice president and head of the Boca Football Council.

Luis Suárez returned to Nacional and now Edinson Cavani sounds to join Peñarol (REUTERS / Matilde Campodonico)
Luis Suárez returned to Nacional and now Edinson Cavani sounds to join Peñarol (REUTERS / Matilde Campodonico)

Cavani, who made his debut in the First Division in the Danube in 2006, hopes that the efforts to join one of the Spanish teams with which he has been negotiating, Valencia and Villarreal, can prosper. While he had a sounding from Borussia Dortmund in Germany, which he also ruled out.

In the event that their arrival in Peñarol materializes, the two titans from Charrúa will have their two strikers who have been the emblem of their team in the last decade, something that will enhance the local championship and their public will be able to enjoy two top-level gunners who aspire to get to the World Cup with filming. If Cavani’s move to the Aurinegro team advances, the Uruguayan giants will have captured what River and Boca could not, who wanted to have the services of the soccer players.

Suárez came to negotiate his arrival at River Plate and even spoke with coach Marcelo Gallardo, but the condition was continuity in the Copa Libertadores de América. The elimination of the millionaire cast in the round of 16 at the hands of Vélez, was decisive for the loss of Lucho, who decided to return to the Bag after 16 years and has already scored a goal.


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