Suárez, Cavani and Vidal: what was not

It would be advisable not to arouse excessive expectations and say things as they are. In truth, there was never a great chance that Luis Suarez, Edinson Cavani y Arturo vidal come to play in Argentina. River y Boca They timely made their offers. But all of them were very far from the pretensions of these three world-class soccer players who, although they are in the final stretch of their remarkable campaigns, are still in a position to sign much higher contracts to those proposed by the two soccer giants of our country.

of course that Suárez, Cavani and Vidal would have prioritized a First Division tournament devalued by the forced exodus of its best players abroad. But apart from the pleasure of proving themselves in a tough, even and competitive championship but of a discreet level, there was nothing that really attracted them. Or that justified the decision to give up income for the benefit of a great sporting objective. At this point in their careers, they have nothing to prove or prove to themselves. And they can still charge very good money. They are no longer on the crest of the wave. But they can’t be given away either. The affective bet this time did not work.

In the mid-90s, River brought Enzo Francéscoli from Europe and further back in time, Boca did the same with Carlos Tevez and Eduardo Salvio. But the economy of the country and of the clubs was different and there was still the rest to dream big and make those dreams come true. Not anymore. The situation has gotten much worse and it is not even easy to obtain the millions of dollars that these operations would have required. Everything has become so complicated that it would even have been cumbersome to pay those contracts without resorting to financial complexes.. Suarez, Cavani and Vidal are paid in hard-earned dollar bills. How would they have been taken out of the country?

Unfortunately, all this was not explained in a timely manner and once again, from the clubs and from certain media outlets, the fans were sold too much smoke. As if hiring a player of that category were an act of mere goodwill and not a difficult commercial operation. Argentine football is not (and almost never was) in a position to bring great international figures. However, it went ahead as if nothing had happened with the daily soap opera, giving the impression that the three players went out of their way to reach River and Boca.

Suárez, Cavani and Vidal have played and even been champions in many of the most important clubs in Europe. From that point, playing in the two most important clubs in Argentina did not bring them anything. Without great football motivation and without big money on the table, there was no reason to justify his arrival. And indeed, they did not arrive. The decisions did not escape the most implacable logic. The story that they told the fans for weeks actually had the only ending it could have. What could not be, was not.



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