Stephanie Egger fights as a professional in cages

Stephanie Egger, 33 years old, from Berneck, is the first Swiss woman to strive for world leadership as a professional fighter in mixed martial arts. She used to serve cordons bleus. Now she wants to shut up loud-mouthed opponents with kicks and punches.

“I’m one of the decent ones,” says Stephanie Egger. Despite this, she believes she can go far in mixed martial arts. She’s competing in Las Vegas this weekend.

Christoph Ruckstuhl / NZZ

When the cage is closed and the fight begins, Stephanie Egger says to herself: “Now you have to be ready.” Because from now on it can no longer stand being careless. “My fights are too brutal for that,” says Egger. From the first contact with her opponent, she notices how the adrenaline suppresses the nervousness. Then the focus is on your hitting and throwing techniques. your chokeholds. The instructions from her corner, where her coach and life partner Kenji Bortoluzzi is. And the goal of knocking out the opponent – with kicks and blows to the head.



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