Steph Curry’s big message for Killian Hayes!

Still too tender to claim a place in the France team, Killian Hayes is spending his late summer in the United States, where he has just met Stephen Curry during a training camp. The Warriors star leader also sent him a piece of advice!

For some tricolor representatives, the preparation for the new NBA season is taking place in a rather unusual way. Indeed, Eurobasket requires, some French expatriates across the Atlantic have spent a studious summer, so as to be on top to defend the colors of their country during the competition. For the others, on the other hand, it is a more conventional off-season that they live.

Not summoned by Vincent Collet to be part of the Blue group, Killian Hayes can in particular focus on his third campaign in the jersey of Detroit. Challenged by part of the franchise fanbase, the young rear will also have to deal with the arrival of a serious competitor to his position, Jaden Ivey. No question therefore of being unemployed, he who has recently rubbed shoulders with some very pretty names on the circuit.

Steph Curry’s valuable advice for Killian Hayes

With the approach of the training camp of the various franchises, several stars of the league have found themselves in recent hours on the side of Los Angeles to carry out one of the private camps of the famous coach Rico Hines. Among them: Hayes, Trae Young, or even Stephen Curry, who gave a good lesson to all his peers. All this, by delivering strong words to guide his young counterparts gathered on site:

It’s nice to be able to gauge the competition, since everyone is there to achieve the same goal at the end of the day: to be ready for June, regardless of your team. If you haven’t had the opportunity to go that far yet, these are the moments that matter. Once you complete this goal, you will look back on those times with pride, telling yourself that you handled that time when no one was watching you well.

As a four-time NBA champion and reigning Finals MVP, Steph Curry knows perfectly the recipe to shine when the stakes turn out to be immense. He therefore recommends to his successors, including Hayes, not to take lightly the shadow work carried out during the off-season. It is indeed he who would play a crucial role in the performances achieved months later:

There’s no better feeling than talking to all the guys that are there, but all of those things matter, because in June you have to be ready mentally, physically, and be able to take on the competition. And everything is built here.

All that remains is to hope for Killian that the Pistons will quickly re-taste the joys of the playoffs with him in his ranks!

Accustomed to the postseason and the Finals, Stephen Curry invites the young guard of the NBA, including Killian Hayes, to take very seriously the various training camps and workouts carried out during the summer. A sine qua non condition to perform when it counts!



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