Starting from 0:00, YONEX Yonex Bow and Arrow Series Full Carbon Ultra-Light Badminton Racket (2 Pack) ARC5I-2CR329 Yuan Free Shipping_Jingdong Mall Deals_Chinese Cabbage

The choice of Taufik, Lee Chong Wei, Quito, Tian Er Xianyi! The price of JD Yonex Yu’s self-operated area is ¥359, 0 points can be used for every ¥200-30 coupon below the price, and the actual payment is ¥329, which is a good price recently. Ultra-light offensive racket, the torsion resistance is increased by 12%, the compressive strength is increased by 9%, the impact resistance is increased by 15%, the fatigue resistance is increased by more than 35%, the shock resistance and rebound performance are greatly improved, and the hitting feeling is more solid. More responsive. 5u racket full carbon racket shaft 2 packs, free racket bag, hand glue, nylon ball.

YONEX Yonex bow and arrow series full carbon ultra-light badminton racket (pack of 2) ARC5I-2CR, the frame material is made of high-elastic carbon nanotube super high-elastic carbon, the racket size is 5U (about 78g), research and development More than 30 years of ISOMETRIC square racquet head technology produces a larger sweet spot range by optimizing the line bed of the ball line, effectively increasing the hitting range, and the unique line protection tube design allows each line to have an independent line hole for less swing Shooting air resistance to ensure the flexibility of ball control, both offense and defense, suitable for beginners and intermediate enthusiasts.

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