Sports Marketing Hwacheon Sanggi-do Summer Special: Pil Jeong Jeong

Sancheoneobae National Open Badminton Tournament held in Hwacheon in 2019, before Corona 19

[정필=김하영 기자] Following the Hwacheon Tomato Festival, Hwacheon-gun will hold large-scale sports events nationwide one after another.

The military announced on the 8th that about 107,000 tourists visited the ‘Hwacheon Tomato Festival with the 2022 Victory (27th and 15th Divisions)’ held in Sachang-ri, Sae-myeon, from the 5th to the 7th.

Prior to this, the military has been holding the National Taekwondo Competition for the president of the Korea Women’s Taekwondo Federation at Hwacheon Gymnasium since the 3rd.

About 3,000 athletes from all over the country are participating in this Taekwondo competition that continues until the 10th.

In addition, the military will hold the 15th Hwacheon Sancheoneobae National Open Badminton Tournament at Hwacheon Gymnasium for two days from the 13th.

About 1,500 people participate in this competition at Hwacheon Gymnasium and Hwacheon Middle and High School Gymnasium.

In addition to the festival, large-scale sports competitions are held one after another, and more than 110,000 people visit Hwacheon in early August alone.

Thanks to this, the local Shang and Gyeonggi Province are looking forward to the special, leaving behind the pain of Corona 19.

Ahead of the actual Hwacheon Tomato Festival, reservations for lodging establishments in the Saesae-myeon area flooded, and tourists continued to visit restaurants and cafes throughout Sachang-ri during the festival period.

Athletes participating in the Women’s Taekwondo Competition, which has been held since the 3rd, are contributing to the local economy by providing most of the accommodation and meals in the region.

Meanwhile, Hwacheon-gun plans to expand the 18-hole Sancheoneo Park Golf Course within this year to a total of 54 holes and hold the nation’s largest ‘Hwacheon Sancheoneo Park Golf Festival’ next summer.

In addition, based on various sports infrastructure, including the in-house gym that was completed last month, it is decided to attract a field training team and hold national competitions in various sports.

Mun-soon Choi, Mayor of Hwacheon County, said, “We will do our best to contribute to the local economy by hosting various large-scale sports events as well as water sports such as rowing and canoeing.”



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