Sport: Melliyal Schmitt, golf prodigy, will fly to the performance center at the Golf National

Melliyal Schmitt, 14, is a true golf prodigy. Having participated in many championships, she was spotted and will fly in September to the performance center at the Golf National.

It was at the age of 6 that Melliyal Schmitt walked on the green grass of a golf green for the first time, accompanying his parents. Since then, this sport has never left her.

The love of golf

Now 14 years old, Melliyal Schmitt has participated in numerous competitions, particularly in mainland France, which has allowed her to be spotted by coaches, even offering her to join the performance center at Golf National : “I will be in boarding schoolshe explains, and I’m going to live golf, I’ll have half lessons and half golf, which will allow me to compete as much as possible and train a lot“. Jean-Marie Hoarau, the president of the Reunionese Golf League, indicates: “She will really start at the top level, the requirements will be different and the constraints too. She has all the qualities to succeed“, he concludes.

Remaining in the center for a minimum of one year, the young girl will leave the island next September. His little sister and his parents will accompany him for his installation: “We are above all content and happysays his mother, we are very proud of her and what she has accomplished. We will accompany him and do the final steps on the spot. That’s when we’ll really realize she’ll stay there“, she confides.

The future is therefore all mapped out for Melliyal, who will then be able to become a professional player.



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