Slavia outclassed Teplice and is in the lead! Pilsen also ruled, another shock for Baník

The Moravian derby between Baník Ostrava and Zbrojovka Brno in the first half offered dull football with no major chances. The first important moment of the match came exactly after an hour of play, when Daniel Smékal jumped on the exact cross and sent the home team into the lead.

The guests equalized eight minutes before the end, when Jakub Řezníček scored with a shot from the edge of the box. The defeat of the home team was completed in the first minute of regulation by Adam Fousek, who decided a surprising 2:1 win for Zbrojovka with a precise shot.

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Hradec succeeded in Boleslav

In the careful first half of the match between Mlada Boleslav and Hradec Králové, the first important moment came at the end. In the 41st minute, Hradec’s Daniel Vašulín had excellent orientation in the home team’s penalty area and sent Votroky into the lead through the running Polaček.

The home side equalized in the 55th minute, when Milan Škoda made no mistake from a penalty kick. However, Boleslav’s joy lasted only eighteen minutes. Visiting Vojtěch Smrž returned a narrow lead to Votroks with a precise shot. The same player hit the crossbar of the home shrine nine minutes later from a free kick. Boleslav could not equalise, so Hradec will take three points for a 2:1 win.

Photo: Radek Petrášek, CTK

From the left, Tomáš Ladra from Boleslav and Vojtěch Smrž from Hradec Králové.Photo: Radek PetrašekCTK

Olomouc did not defeat the weakened Liberec

Olomouc entered the match against Liberec actively, when Jiří Spáčil and Ondřej Zmrzlý hit the crossbar shortly after each other in the 10th minute. The advantage was crowned by the Hanács in the 36th minute, when Mojmír Chytil made his mark and gave Olomouc a 1:0 lead at halftime.

The guests equalized in the 59th minute, when Denis Višinský beat Trefila with luck and the flow of one of the home players. Seven minutes later, the visiting Talovierov was sent off, but the guests already maintained a 1:1 draw.

Photo: Luděk Peřina, CTK

Jan Matoušek from Liberec, Jiří Spáčil from Olomouc above.Photo: Ludek PerinaCTK

The Pilsen footballers had a dreamlike start against Slovácko. Practically from the first event, Viktorka got away from the lead. And the key role was played by the fresh reinforcement of the reigning champion Adam Vlkanova, who with a precise pass found Jan Kopic, who did not give Nguyen a chance, and the home team led 1:0 from the 1st minute. Plzeň saved the second goal for a change in the setup of the first half. After Havel’s assist, Bucha secured a two-goal lead for the new Champions League participant.

Coach Svědík’s players entered the second half actively, but could not use any of their chances. And so the home team took their word again, in the 70th minute, Mosquera made a great shot and closed the score to the final 3:0.

Photo: Miroslav Chaloupka, CTK

From the left, Marek Havlík from Slovácko and Adam Vlkanova from Pilsen.Photo: Miroslav ChaloupkaCTK

The Slavia footballers turned the duel with Teplice into a completely clear affair. For the first time, the players overcame the weakened opponent’s defense in the 21st minute, when Lingr headed in. Four minutes later, Stanislav Tecl increased the difference to two goals, who tipped in Matěj Jurásk’s shot. The visiting goalkeeper Filip Mucha prevented further goals with several excellent saves, who was mainly responsible for the fact that the North Bohemians lost by only two goals after halftime.

However, Slavia dominated in the second half as well. Tecl, Kačaraba and Usor made sure that in the 64th minute the score was 5:0. Provod added the sixth nail to Teplice’s coffin at the end, and Jindřich Trpišovský’s men returned to the top of the table after another clear win.



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