Siheung City-Korea Institute of Technology promotes network mentoring for university students this year

Article Summary
Participation of 67 mentors and 80 mentees in 9 programs

Siheung City-Korea University of Technology University Network Mentoring Initiation Ceremony.

[시흥=뉴시스] Reporter Park Seok-hee = Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do and the Korea University of Engineering (hereinafter referred to as Korea Institute of Technology) are conducting a network mentoring project for university students this year as they did last year.

Siheung City held the ‘2022 University Student Network Mentoring Project Launch Ceremony’ at the KPU Art Center of Korea Institute of Technology on the afternoon of the 30th. The launching ceremony was attended by Siheung Mayor Lim Byung-taek, Siheung City Council Chairman Song Mi-hee, Korea Institute of Technology President Park Gun-soo, and more than 90 university students participating in the program.

In particular, the inauguration ceremony was led by a university student at Korea Institute of Technology, which added significance, and the students directly participated in the process and design, and the dance club GAN G held a celebratory stage and performed various performances.

The related project, which started last year, operated six programs on a pilot basis with 46 college student mentors participating. This year, 67 mentors from the Network Mentoring Promotion Team of Korea Institute of Technology college students and 80 youth mentees are expected to participate in 9 programs.

The plan is to create opportunities for young people to grow together by planning programs and participating in mentoring activities by college students to provide creative growth environments and opportunities for career exploration.

Projects include ▲Sharing (Volunteer Service) ▲GAN.G (Dance) ▲FEEL (Band) ▲COD (Creation) ▲CIR (Robot) ▲Team and Sur (Automobile) ▲Wing (Badminton) ▲San Table Tennis (Table Tennis) ▲Dunkis ( 9 clubs including basketball) participate.

In addition, programs with 9 themes are operated using the activities of each club, such as science kits, learning band instruments, and badminton activities.

At the same time, Siheung City plans to gradually expand the platform for university students to participate in municipal administration to revitalize the network of university students and youth while promoting the enactment of the university cooperation ordinance for the foundation of coexistence and revitalization of university cooperation suitable for regional characteristics.

Mayor Lim Byung-taek said, “I send cheers and applause to Korea Institute of Technology students who are actively participating in related projects. said.

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