Siches announces trip to Tarapacá amid requests to declare a State of Exception in the north

The minister assured that the Government “has no complex” in restricting the passage of those who enter the country through unauthorized passages. AGENCY ONE/FILE

The Minister of the Interior, Izkia Siches, announced this Tuesday that on August 4 she will travel to the Tarapacá Region to learn about the situation on the ground after complaints about an increase in insecurity in the area, which caused a transversal group of deputies will request to decree a State of Exception in the North Macrozone.

During his presentation before the investigative commission of the Chamber of Deputies Regarding order and public security, the Secretary of State announced that she will go to the region and analyze the issue of irregular migration.

“Our Government has no complex with restricting the passage to those who enter through unauthorized steps. We hope to have a regular migration through enabled steps, and not at all to have a complacent look at what happens in the north, ”he said.

The authority was also consulted about the possible State of Exception in the macrozone, commenting that “the solution is more complex than taking a decree, a state of exception or any of the other measures, because it requires bilateral work,” pointing to the role of Bolivia in the difficulties for the renewals.

Deputies ask for a State of Exception

Amid concern about the presence of criminal organizations such as the Tren de Aragua in the Arica and Parinacota Region, along with the increase in crimes in other parts of Tarapacá, Antofagasta, Atacama and Coquimbo, a transversal group of deputies requested the decree State of Exception for the north.

Deputy José Miguel Castro (RN) pointed out that “we want the military in the streets to control the crime that exists, to control drug trafficking, human trafficking and a 200% increase in crimes of high social connotation.”

“A child died in the Antofagasta Region two days ago from machetes, a child who was a promise in judo, he was a small foreigner who we had received with his family and he was a contribution to Chile,” he commented.

Castro assured that “today we are asking for a State of Exception and I want to tell you that this bench is not going to remain calm in just asking, but rather we are going to press to achieve it.”

The northern legislators went further and assured that they would not give the votes for a future extension of the State of Exception in the South Macrozone if that is not accompanied by the same measure or similar actions for the north.



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