Shohei Otani smiles with a double hit with “Wazaari” Impressed with commentary on famous products “I’m enjoying baseball” | Full-Count

Appeared as the starting pitcher in the game against the Athletics at home as “No. 2, designated hitter”

■ Angels – Athletics (Japan time 3rd, Anaheim)

On the 2nd (Japan time 3rd), pitcher Shohei Otani of the Angels started the game against the Athletics as the “second designated hitter”. In the third at-bat of the fifth inning, he hit a double on the left field line, marking a three-game hitting streak.

The first time without death was beaten by Yugoro, and the third one was beaten by Nakahi. It was two outs in the fifth inning that caught his left arm Irvin. He hits back in the opposite direction while jamming the inside corner four seams. He hit a bouncing ball on the left field line that sent him straight to second base. Mr. Mark Gubiza, a famous commentator of the local broadcasting station Bally Sports West, was deeply impressed by the two-swordsman who showed a smile on the base, saying, “You really enjoy baseball.”

It was decided that Ohtani, who had been attracting attention for his future career, would remain as the trade deadline was approaching before the game on this day. The previous day, the 1st (the 2nd) was a rest day, and refreshed with Syndergaard and Lorenzen, who were transferred to the Phillies. Before the game, Marsh received a transfer greeting.

In the same match on the 3rd (4th), he will go up to the starting mound for his first 10 wins. If he wins, both leagues will achieve the feat of double-digit wins and double-digit home runs for the first time in 104 years since Babe Ruth (Red Sox at that time) in 1918. I want to decorate the first match in August with a win.

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