Shogo Asano of Shogo Takamatsu has hit 95 home runs since he was in elementary school. Home run at Koshien “The atmosphere of the stadium has changed” | High school baseball, etc. | Shueisha’s general sports magazine Sportiva official website web Sportiva

Director Kenji Nagao of Takamatsusho described that moment as “a change in the atmosphere.” He could only nod deeply at those words.

Shogo Asano’s batted ball stretched in the right middle direction and went over the fence as it was.

The match between Takamatsusho (Kagawa) and Saku Chosei (Nagano) at Koshien on August 11th will take a bizarre turn due to the performance of a small Kaidou.

In the next turn at bat, which was thrown in the middle right, Asano carried a 111 kg slider to the left stand with a bullet liner.

What is this player? What the hell is that……

Shogo Asano, Shogo Takamatsu, who hit two homers in a row in the Sakucho Seisen
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Shocking 2 consecutive home runs

Incomprehensible—the entire Koshien Stadium was enveloped in such an atmosphere. The impact was great because there hadn’t even been a hint of an explosion until then. With Asano’s two homers, Takamatsusho overwhelmed Saku Chosei with a score of 14-4.

Even before the tournament, Asano was a hot draft candidate. He is 171 centimeters tall and weighs 86 kilograms.

However, this number by itself may not mean much. Last fall, when Asano hit 40 home runs, Manager Nagao said with a dissatisfied face.

“Since we are a public school, we haven’t been able to play any practice matches in the last two years due to the effects of the coronavirus. ”

If you believe his words, it would be calculated that Asano’s total high school home run total will reach more than 100.

He is a true home run hitter who has accumulated 95 home runs in elementary school and 55 home runs in junior high school. Why can Asano, who cannot be said to be physically blessed, be able to increase the flight distance so much? Asano has previously told us this secret.

“Mr. Nagao showed me a batting video of Mr. Takeya Nakamura (Seibu). Mr. Nakamura put the bat vertically against the ball whether it was a high ball or a low ball. After I started playing, I became particularly good at low balls.”



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