She is 12 years old, the daughter of a caddy, she learned to play golf in secret and won a scholarship to the United States

Brisa Cabrera, the great promise of Argentine golf (@brisacabreraok)

“The first time I picked up a golf club I felt very happy”remember Breeze Cabrera, the National Golf Champion in her category, who for three days has had her own first team to play. She doesn’t go a day without watching tournaments of that sport as long as she can: she observes how each player moves his head, his punch and each shot. Her greatest reference is Tiger Woods, whom he dreams of meeting one day. Today she seeks help to travel to the United States to fulfill the scholarship she won at the Hernán Rey Golf School in Orlando.

Seeing herself in the future, she imagines herself as a professional player and knows that she has everything to achieve any goal she sets for herself. And she knows that she will do it hand in hand with Darío, her father, coach and caddy of the club where she secretly taught him her first shots when she was five years old because since they were not members they were not allowed to play .

“We got into the side of Golf Club La Cumbre to show him and that when one of the partners came, we hid among the pine trees and continued playing when he leftuntil one fine day one of them very kindly associated us”, he thanks and recalls: “The first time I saw her shoot and hole I realized that she had a very good aim”, admits the man.

For a long time, he played with borrowed clubs, but his sports godfather, Rally Juan Grillo, gave him a bag with new clubs, gloves and shoes.

His dad, who is a caddy, taught him with professionalism and humility (@brisacabreraok)
His dad, who is a caddy, taught him with professionalism and humility (@brisacabreraok)

For some time now, Brisa has been on a scholarship at that club where she used to hide and carries that name high up. “I always say that my daughter has a special angel and that she will be the future No. 1 in the world”, trusts the father. Claudia, the mother, thinks the same. “She is an enlightened one, God touched her with her hand and, although sometimes he gets angry with her because a play does not go well, I remind her that He is by her side and that I trusted.”

The family, economically humble and with a heart full of riches. Darío keeps that job and Claudia, in addition to being a housewife and the pillar of the family, runs a laundry in her own home. “I wash some things in the machines, but I always wash quilts or fine clothes by hand, with the care and love as I do with my clothes and those of my family. That is what I always tell my children, that when they do something for others, do it as if it were for them”.

The history

Brisa was born on July 6, 2010 in Córdoba and lives in La Falda. As a child she used to run (she still likes to run), but without her knowing exactly how, one day golf caught her attention. She asked her dad to teach her and there was no turning back.

“I remember that the first thing I liked about golf was that there was no violence in playing it and my dad liked it a lot. The first time I played it was magical, I felt excited even though I hit it not as well as now”, says the girl and continues: “Since I am left-handed and left-handed clubs were very expensive, my dad cut a stick and put tape on it. to pack so I could play. Then he taught me to play with the right”.

At only 12 years old (and with borrowed clubs), Brisa beat the best of his category in the National and International Junior Tournament played in
At only 12 years old (and with borrowed clubs), Brisa beat the best in his category in the National and International Junior Tournament played in “Los Lagartos” Buenos Aires (@brisacabreraok)

Darío remembers those first steps. “When I made her hit the ball, about 40 meters from the hole, she barely hit it, she did it so well that I said to myself: ‘It can’t be, it was a coincidence!’, but did it again. You do not know! On the way home I was crazy happy and I told my wife what had happened and almost screaming I told her: She’s going to be number one in the world!”.

Breath at home is essential. While the girl and her father played, Claudia, now 52 years old, made her clothes so that she could play comfortably. “She’s skinny, but tall, and the clothes they sell fit her either big or small, and they’re also expensive, so I make everything I can for her”she says proudly.

The girl says that she spends as much time as she can seeing the professionals and that when she is at home with her friends her favorite moment is when they ask her to pull out the rug and play. “I love when they ask me to teach them, I explain to them how they have to stand up and hit him, although the most important thing is the aim”clarifies.

Brisa looks forward to the opportunity to travel to the United States to continue growing in the sport (@brisacabreraok)
Brisa looks forward to the opportunity to travel to the United States to continue growing in the sport (@brisacabreraok)

“The most important thing is the punch, it has to be something harmonious,” she reveals and confesses that despite spending hours playing, her legs don’t hurt despite walking so much because she’s used to it.

Hopeful, she can’t wait for her family to raise the money to travel to the United States. “For me to achieve it would be a great dream. I would very much like to be there and continue learning. My other big dream is to be one of the best golf players in Argentina and in the world”.

While Brisa speaks, her parents look at her with pride and cannot avoid their emotion when the girl says goodbye with a “God bless you”. “We believe a lot in God always and surely he is there putting his hand so that it goes well for her and I can achieve the dream”, says the mother.


She also admits with some pain that “being a caddy’s daughter and coming from a humble family, playing that elite sport and doing it well, some people don’t like them very much.”

The woman points out that in addition to being good at sports, she is an excellent daughter and granddaughter. “He helps his grandmothers, waits for them or helps them when they go shopping so they don’t carry the bags alone. She is always attentive to her grandmothers, who loves them ”he says excitedly.

In November, the little golfer (and youngest of three siblings) will have the opportunity to be at the Hernán Rey academy in Orlando and she hopes that, once again, the God she believes in will continue to bless her.

*To collaborate with Brisa’s trip, the family receives help in the alias: todosporbrisa




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