Serie A2: the calendar of the season

After the debut a one hundred against Tramec on 2 October, the Effe will open the doors of the Paladozza a Nardò the week after.

LNP in fact, the (mirror) calendar of the entire season of Serie A2: first round from the first weekend of October to mid-December, start of the return leg under Christmas and end at the end of March, before the long post-season.

These are the commitments of the Fortitudomilitant in the red group:


02/10/22 Benedict XIV Cento vs Fortitudo

09/10/22 Fortitudo vs Nardò Basketball

16/10/22 San Severo vs Fortitude

23/10/22 Fortitudo vs Basket Chiusi

30/10/22 Basketball Cividale vs Fortitudo

06/11/22 APU Udine vs Fortitude

13/11/22 Strength vs Basket Rimini

11/20/22 Fortitudo vs Chieti Basket

11/27/22 Mantua vs Fortitudo basketball

04/12/22 Fortitudo vs Basket Ravenna

07/12/22 Basketball Club Ferrara vs Fortitudo

11/12/22 Fortitudo vs Pistoia Basket 2000

11/18/22 Forlì basketball vs Fortitudo


21/12/22 Fortitudo vs Benedict XIV Cento

04/01/23 Nardò basketball vs Fortitudo

08/01/23 Fortitude vs San Severo

15/01/23 Basketball Chiusi vs Fortitudo

22/01/23 Basketball Cividale vs Fortitudo

29/01/23 Fortitude vs APU Udine

05/02/23 Basket Rimini vs Fortitude

12/02/23 Chieti Basket vs Fortitudo

19/02/23 Fortitudo vs Mantua Basketball

26/02/23 Basket Ravenna vs Fortitudo

05/03/22 Fortitudo vs Kleb Basket Ferrara

19/03/23 Pistoia Basket 2000 vs Fortitudo

26/03/23 Fortitudo vs Forlì Basketball

The entire LNP Series A2 calendar:



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