Serie A Baseball, Poule Scudetto: results and report on Saturday evening 13/08

(AGENPARL) – Sat 13 August 2022 The last night of the Poule Scudetto brings the comebacks of San Marino (from 0-8 to 9-8 with 9 points to the seventh against Parmaclima) and of Hort @ Godo (comeback 5 points in seventh and wins in ninth with Piumatti’s home run), while Spirulina Becagli Grosseto wins 1-0 at UnipolSai Bologna. With the brilliant performance of the starter Vicente Colasante, the Nettuno 1945 closes the season with a success on the Camec Collecchio.
Incredible ending in Serravalle, where San Marino overturns the last game of the series against Parmaclima with 9 points in the seventh inning. With a vehement start in Game 3 Parma had mortgaged success. Against the San Marino starter Angelo Palumbo, the ducals ring 4 consecutive hits, with the singles of Manuel Joseph (from 1 RBI) and Noel Gonzalez (from 2 RBI) and a crazy launch for the 4-0 Parma. In the second round the plot repeats itself, but this time there are 3 doubles, by Joseph, Mineo and Gonzalez that produce as many points. Talevi’s sacrifice sprint to the third rounds the bill, while the Parmaclima finds Luis Lugo (4IP, 4BB, 7K) as a starter on the platform. Jose Diaz keeps his opponents dry until the seventh inning, when a couple of defensive errors and a series of hits from the titans reopen the game, then, with two outs, Leonardo Ferrini’s two-point single shortens to 7-8 and finally Federico Celli’s single (against Habeck), with the addition of Joseph’s error (deployed outside center in the final game), allows the arrival at home of the tie and victory for the San Marino players who win the challenge with score of 9-8.
Hort @ Godo wins the series against Campidonico Turin with the protagonist you don’t expect: Gabriele Piumatti. The home player, known for being one of the pitchers, appears in the batting order and packs the two most important hits of the game in the final 8-7 in favor of Godo. Turin unlocks it with a double from a point by Tommaso Giarola, but Hort @ responds with a hit from Piumatti, who scores on a crazy throw by the starter guest Ludovico Gismondi (3.1IP, R, 3BB, 3K). Little happens until the fifth inning when Godo manages, with Giacomo Meriggi’s defense choice, to snatch the point of 2-1. The same fate touches the Campidonico in the sixth attack with full bases and zero out, from which two crazy throws arise that are worth the Piedmontese overtaking. The hits of Catalano, always in the sixth, and of Maurizio De Maria in the seventh inning, yield two points each and the guests take off at 7-2. It seems the ideal situation for the guests, but Godo scores 5 points in the last offensive opportunity with Gabriele Piumatti’s double who brings home two points, including a draw. The game goes beyond the regular shooting and as in race 1, Godo closes it in ninth with Gabriele Piumatti who to end an extraordinary day (3-5 on the plate with 3RBI and 2 points scored) beats a walk-off home run, the first home run in his career in the top flight.
The Spirulina Becagli Grosseto conquers the “Falchi” of Bologna in the final act of the series, interrupting the streak of 13 consecutive successes for the Bolognese team. In a match that lasted less than 2 hours firmly conducted by the pitchers, the Tuscans found the acute in the sixth inning against Christian Scafidi thanks to the first home run of the season – from one point, as a pinch-hitter – by Paolino Ambrosino and won 1-0, redeeming the defeat with the same score as the previous night. Grosseto maintains the shutout with the excellent performance of the starter Luis Gonzalez (5.1IP, 4H, 7K), taken over by Leonardo Bulfone (0.2IP, BB, K) and Antonio Noguera (1IP, BB, 2K). For UnipolSai Bologna 4 clean shots by Murilo Gouvea, while the attack remains dry with three hits.
An effective first inning and the quality start of Vicente Colasante propitiate Nettuno 1945 towards the last victory of the season against Camec Collecchio. The challenge is addressed in the inaugural Neptune attack with the first 4 batters arriving on base. The single from Sellaroli is followed by the double from one point by Lars Liguori, the base ball to Mercuri and the two-point single by Melvin Novoa for the immediate 3-0 Nettuno. Collecchio responds with only one valid against Colasante, able to eliminate 10 opponents at the pot on 6 rounds, while the Neptunians still hit the starter Cal Maduro with another point to the fifth that is worth the final score of 4-0. Paolo Taschini closes the case in the seventh inning with three consecutive strikeouts and the Nettunesi, third in group A1, win the series at the “Steno Borghese”.
Once the second phase of the championship has been filed, all eyes are on the semifinals which will begin on Thursday 18 August. The pairings are UnipolSai Bologna – Parmaclima and San Marino – Spirulina Becagli Grosseto with a best of 7 match series. The dates of the matches are as follows: game 1 (Thursday 18 August), game 2 (Friday 19 August), game 3 (Monday 22 August), game 4 (Tuesday 23 August), eventual game 5 (Wednesday 24 August), eventual race 6 (Saturday 27 August) and eventual race 7 (Sunday 28 August).
For the 4 eliminated teams there will still be the possibility of competing in the Italian Cup which will begin with a series of the best of 7 games to be played during the same days of the playoff semifinals. The comparisons, in the light of the final rankings, will be Nettuno 1945 – Hort @ Godo and Campidonico Torino – Camec Collecchio. The Italian Cup will also involve the teams placed in the first 4 positions of the respective groups of the Poule Salvezza, from which we report the renunciations of the Academy Nettuno and the Senago which allow Farma Crocetta and Cagliari to pass to the next round.
Results last day of the championship – matches on saturday afternoon:
Gir. A1: Nettuno 1945 – Camec Collecchio 4-1; San Marino – Parmaclima 4-1
Gir. B1: UnipolSai Fortitudo Bologna – Spirulina Becagli Grosseto 6-2; Hort @ Godo – Campidonico Turin 4-7
Saturday night results:
Gir. A1: Nettuno 1945 – Camec Collecchio 4-0; San Marino – Parmaclima 9-8
Gir. B1: UnipolSai Fortitudo Bologna – Spirulina Becagli Grosseto 0-1; Hort @ Godo – Campidonico Turin 8-7 (9 rounds).
Gir. A1: San Marino (24-6), .800; Parmaclima (21-9), .700; Neptune 1945 (10-20), .333; Camec Col (7-23), 233.
Gir. B1: UnipolSai Bo (26-4), .867; Spirulina Becagli Gr (16-14), .533; Campidonico Tor (11-19), .367; Hort @ Go (5-25), .167.
In the PhotoBass cover photo, Jorge Barcelan celebrates his home run with the third base coach.



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