Sergio “Chiquito” Romero is the new Boca Juniors goalkeeper: “It’s a step forward in my career, I come to the biggest club in Argentina”

The word of Chiquito Romero after the medical review

Finally, and about the closing of the pass book, Sergio Romero agreed to his contract and is the new Boca Juniors goalkeeper. Chiquito accepted the Xeneize offer and after the medical examination that took place in the afternoon, he signed the bond that will unite him with the Xeneize entity until December 2024. “The affection of the people is beautiful, I am very happy”, expressed at the exit of the clinic, in dialogue with ESPN. “Welcome, Sergio Romero”published the cast of Ribera.

In a procedure against the clock, since the pass book closes today at 8:00 p.m. the club had an extra quota due to the departure of Carlos IzquierdozChiquito Romero responded positively to the offer he made last week Juan roman riquelme. It is an old wish of the vice president of Boca Juniors, who He had him as a partner in the Argentine team.

Giving continuity to the vertigo of the day, Romero was presented at a press conference. “I think it’s a step forward in my career, last year I had to go to Venezia to show people that I was physically fit. It is the biggest club in Argentina, I come prepared to demonstrate how I did it in the arc of the Argentine team “he underlined.

“I told Román (Riquelme) that he had the chance to continue in Europe, he had to continue in the English Premier, but talking about it at home, we decided that it was a very good possibility to save in Boca, I think it was one of the best decisions of my life”, described the kitchen of determination, in which he participated red frames, former teammate at Albiceleste and United. “Since the day he came to Boca, my head has been burning for him to come, we are very good friends,” he said.

Rosemary, 35 years old, he played last season at Venezia (14 games and 26 goals conceded in the team that relegated from the A league in the last season) and last March underwent surgery in Barcelona for a knee injury right. His last match was against Sassuolo, with a 4-1 loss at home, on March 6 of this year for the 28th round of Serie A.

“I am very well, I had the opportunity, after the operation, to rehabilitate myself with the people of the AFA who opened the doors for me. I thank Chiqui (Tapia) and the entire medical department of the National Team. If the coach decides that I have to do a mini preseason, I will do it without a problem. If he decides that I compete with the group, I will. I have no problem,” he stated.

The goalkeeper, who emerged from Racing Club (played four games) and who will play for the country again after 15 years in Europe, was a starter for the Argentine team at the 2010 South Africa and Brazil 2014 World Cups, where he was runner-up. Also, He is the goalkeeper with the greatest historical presence in the Argentine team with 96 games. He was also champion of the U20 World Cup in Canada and won the gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, where Riquelme also participated.

* Chiquito explained why signing with Boca “is one of the best decisions of my life”

The leadership of Boca Juniors hastened the hiring of Chiquito Romero due to the situation of Agustín Rossiwho did not arrange the renewal of his contract and may be released on June 30, 2023.

The xeneize leadership and the representative of the 26-year-old goalkeeper did not reach an agreement and there were strong statements from both sides. It should be noted that the player will not continue in the institution beyond June 2023when he will go free, unless he is sold in the next few days or in the summer transfer window.

Last week the meeting between the parties took place and it lasted just 10 minutes. Participating in the conclave were Juan Román Riquelme, Jorge Bermúdez, the Chelo thin and boy Serna on behalf of the club, but when Rossi’s agent received a counteroffer to the last one he had presented decided not to listen to it and consider the negotiation closed.

Urged by the need to have the position covered, the Football Council celebrates the arrival of the experienced goalkeeper with a past in the Argentine national team, who was on Boca Juniors’ radar in 2017, at the request of Guillermo Barros Schelotto and before the arrival of Agustín Rossi. “Guillermo called me to go to save in Boca, but as everyone knows I’m a Racing fan”, confirmed a year later. This time, she weighed the good relationship with Juan Román Riquelme.


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