Serena Williams is reunited with victory in Toronto

Gazing up at a threatening gray sky, Serena Williams He returned to the circuit with victory, something he had not achieved since Roland Garros in 2021. The former number one in the world beat Nuria Parrizas with a score of 6-3 and 6-4 in 1 hour and 57 minutes to go to the second round of the WTA 1000 de Toronto, where she will face the winner of the duel between Belinda Bencic and Tereza Martincova. The American tennis player left great details of quality especially in the second set, where the level rose and Serena did not want to be left behind.

The rhythm that Serena wanted

Self-confident, Serena Williams was the one who struck the first blow of the match, breaking the Spaniard’s serve at the first opportunity. This advantage would not last long for the American. Some double fault and pressure from Nuria meant that the youngest of the Williams could not confirm that break. Párrizas’s angles left Serena looking at the ball without the possibility of an answer, with Granada’s feeling more comfortable. The tactic of the former world number one was clear: shorten the points as much as possible by hitting winners from inside the court, with that aggressiveness that characterizes her tennis, especially in recent years.

His offensive attitude was also present when it was his turn to take Nuria out, with quick returns that did not stop the Spanish from first to make it 3-3 in the light. Her position on court in the second services of her rival, a few steps from the service box on occasion, caused Serena to print great power in her shots. Also with the wind as pressure, the American was ahead on the scoreboard again, attacking those seconds and finishing in the net.

Desperate before the fortune of Párrizas, who was placed with the option of break by a ball that rubbed the tape, Serena woke up the stands, which remained calm until now. Going up to the net, the American player closed the first set against a combative Nuria, who could not do anything else before the impressive role of her rival with the serve.

The best Serena can with the quality of Párrizas

The impossible parallels of Párrizas brought out the best version of Serena, who raised a difficult point scoring a long exchange to save a ball from break in which both showed a high level of tennis. From that moment, the American signed one of the best versions that we have been able to see for a while.

A few drops of rain made their appearance at the best moment of the meeting, although it continued without going any further. The Spanish was able to survive the attacks of her rival, who, even more aggressive to the rest, had the option of breaking Nuria’s serve. Although the Granada woman was dangerously close on the scoreboard, Serena defended herself with everything, relying on her great serve, as well as a ball to the line that surprised Párrizas. The public applauded the American, whose service seemed unbreakable.

In a long exchange of spikes, slice shots and a dominant backhand, Serena put herself one game away from an important moment in her career. The former number one in the world was reunited with victory after more than a year and two months. Serena is back for the American tour.



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