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Next Monday, a holiday, the Second Open of “Table Tennis” organized by the “green” will be held at the SUM of the institution.

Table Tennis continues to establish itself in the ranks of the “green” and next Monday, a holiday, in the morning and afternoon, the Second Open will be played.

“It is a possibility for those who want to do something different on this holiday, approach the Second Open Table Tennis Tournament that will take place here in the institution”commented Alexis Allassia, one of the coordinators of the activity.

Regarding what was the First Open back in May, the coordinator recalled “The truth is that the first experience was very good, especially because of the support of the Federation and because the people also accompanied”.

On the other hand, he also maintained that they point to the activity “competitors who represent us and also in the recreational part, to come and continue betting on the activity”.

Allassia spoke of the tournament

It should be noted that Table Tennis in the institution is already more than a year old and that over time it was adding different players. “Today we have 5 to 10 competitors who can already represent us in different tournaments”he exclaimed.

“With the tournament we aim to consolidate ourselves with the high-level benchmarks that we already have in our city. The tournament for minors will begin in the morning and in the afternoon, majors”highlighted Alexis Allassia.

Finally, he considered that Table Tennis “It is a meeting point that enhances some senses, skills, and reflexes that can also be used in soccer; understanding this of great importance for the players of the institution who also practice the activity.

Open enrollment

Until August 13 there is time to register for the Second Open Tournament by calling 3564 – 686605



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