“Scandone’s legacy is not lost. Here for the link with sport and territory”

First day of the third edition of the Sturno Sport Festival. Among the guests present also Ghemon, guest star of the event, who spoke exclusively to our microphones. Among the topics touched upon, the relationship between sport and music, but also his support for the green-and-white teams and his strong bond with his city.

You have often talked about music and sport in a relationship of coevolution. What does it mean for you and where does this bond arise?

It was born when I was a child, I have always been used to following sport and doing it, so I could see what the values ​​could be. They are always life lessons, so to all people who have doubts, I recommend not to have them. Sport creates group conscience, individual conscience and social conscience.

Sport and its values ​​are also intertwined with your music.

Now I have this moment of great passion for running, but the love for football and basketball remains. I certainly take them to pieces, then I have many friends who play sports of any kind. It’s also always nice to hear their stories, they are stories of sacrifice to get results. That for me is the same kind of path and experience that I have in my life: the results are obtained by sweating.

A wish for the season that is about to begin, both for US Avellino and for Del.Fes.

The hope is that the season is certainly better than the previous one, everything that comes after is earned. It is obvious that we aspire to something else and perhaps after so many years we would deserve it, certainly in football and basketball as well. We hope that Scandone’s legacy and its important basketball culture will not be lost. Anyone who continues that tradition, therefore, is welcome.

How did you feel at the Sturno Sport Festival? Would you like to return to Irpinia again for next year, perhaps for a concert at the Partenio?

I am here because I am a child of this province, I am pleased. I wanted to bear witness to how much I am linked to sport and to this province. Among other things, it is the first time that I come to Sturno, I find a beautiful structure and therefore I understand why the Avellino was here in retreat. I also find a beautiful air of rare simplicity. As for the last thing, when the time comes we’ll do it. I do not set limits either in one way or the other. For good luck I don’t say it, but if one day it happens, I would certainly be very happy.



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