Samira Bock wins World Cup bronze – German Judo Federation

Samira Bock (TSV Großhadern, BY) started her competition with two capture wins. First against Nika Koren from Slovenia after just over a minute, then against Cuban Idelannis Gomez Feria after just over three minutes. In the semifinals, however, she was stopped by the Spaniard Ai Tsunoda Roustant and lost the fight after two minutes. In the small final, she then met Katarzyna Sobierajska from Poland, who came third in the Junior World Championships last year and was European U21 champion in 2020. In a very balanced fight, Samira Bock managed the decisive ippon after three minutes and she wins bronze at the World Championships. “I still can’t believe it and I was so happy,” says the third-placed at the World Championships after her competition. “For me, it’s the biggest success I’ve ever had. I cried and laughed the whole time,” she describes the roller coaster of her emotions.

In the same weight class up to 70 kg also stood Sarah Mehlau (SV Winnenden, WÜ) in the small final. She started off with a quick win against Chile’s Jade Ulloa. After 34 seconds, she received ippon for an arm lock. Also in the second fight against the Bulgarian Lidia Brancheva she won on the ground. After a waza-ari score, she followed on the floor and won after three minutes with a holding technique. In the pool final against Isabella Garriga of the USA, she won with ippon in less than two minutes and was thus in the semifinals. But her dream of the final ended, too. Turkey’s Fidau Ogel won with two waza-ari scores. In the small final she faced Cuban Idelannis Gomez Feria. This fight should be very exhausting. After 90 seconds of fighting time, our judoka scored with Waza-ari, but the Cuban equalized 13 seconds before the end of the fighting time. In a very confusing fight situation, the referee surprisingly even allowed the Cuban to be held, so that Ippon was awarded at the last second. However, this situation was resolved and revised by the judges, so that it went into the golden score. In what was still an extremely even fight, the two fighters received punishments for inactivity and finally the Cuban won after a total of 10:42 minutes of fighting time with ippon. Sarah Mehlau was fifth at the World Championships. “My lot was good today, I felt good too, enjoyed fighting. Everything went as we discussed,” she says of her competition. “But then I was very, very disappointed that I didn’t win the medal. Fifth place is always very thankless”, she lets her emotions run free and is nevertheless optimistic about the future. “I don’t let my head hang and I hope that it will now be a medal at the European Championships.”

Started with the young men Tom Drost (Dattelner Judo Club, NW) in the 90-kilo class. He won the first two fights in the first seconds of each golden score by the third penalty for his respective opponent. In the pool final, however, it was the same for Tom Droste, who received his third penalty against Peter Safrany from Hungary after almost three minutes and was thus sent to the consolation round. There he worked a waza-ari against Georgia’s Tornike Poladishvili after 23 seconds, but the equalizer was equalized after two minutes and the Georgian fought the second waza-ari a minute later. Tom Droste is seventh in the World Cup.

The day before fought in the class up to 73 kg Jano Rübo (SSF Bonn, NW) and up to 63 kg Viktoria Folger (Sportfreunde Kladow, BE). Both won their first fights, but then each lost the second fight and was eliminated.

The competitions in the upper classes take place on Saturday. Our junior world and European champion Anna Monta Olek (JT Hannover, NS) faces the Japanese Aki Kuroda after a bye. The two have never fought each other, but the Japanese won a European Open competition this year, as did our athlete. Stand with the men George Udsilauri (TSV Erbach, WÜ) and Kilian Kappelmeier (TSV Großhadern, BY) in the 100-kilo class on the tatami. In both cases, the opponent is not yet determined after a bye.

Saturday, 08/13/2022

  • Weight classes women: -78 kg, +78 kg; Men: -100 kg, +100 kg
  • 12:00 p.m. (19:00 CEST) preliminary round
  • 4:00 p.m. (11:00 p.m. CEST) Final Block




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