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Navalny confidant warns of “visa war against Russians”

The prominent opponent of the Kremlin, Vladimir Milov, has warned of a “visa war against Russians” in view of the debate in the European Union about entry bans for his compatriots. A confidant of jailed Moscow opposition politician Alexei Navalny said that some European politicians “spit” on Russians, consider them “garbage” and “bastards”. That Damaging the democratic values ​​preached in the West and playing into the hands of Kremlin boss Vladimir PutinMilow said in a video shared on the Navalny Telegram channel on Wednesday.

Milow, who himself lives in exile abroad, also expressly criticized the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj, who had called for Russians to be banned from entering Western countries. Even if the country is fighting against Putin’s war of aggression no one has the right to lump all Russians together. Milow emphasized that Navalny’s team has been warning the West about “Putin’s mafia regime” for years. Even at the beginning of the war, Zelenskyy acknowledged that many Russians opposed the invasion and acknowledged that protests about the threat of penalties are not easy in Russia. Now he wants to punish everyone.

“Russian youth does not support this war,” Milov said. He advocated that young Russians should have the opportunity to study in the West in order to benefit their country in a post-Putin era. Milow expressly praised Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD), who does not support a visa ban demanded by the Baltic states. Scholz had said that the attack on Ukraine was “Putin’s war,” not that of the Russian people.

“When European politicians say that all Russians are equal, then talks about democratic values ​​and the world order lose their meaning,” he said. “Strategically, they are sending the signal to a large crowd of pro-Western Russians that there are no democratic values, but one ethnic conflict.” That suits Putin. The Kremlin boss has long accused the West of conspiring against everything Russian. (dpa)



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