“Rudy Gobert at the Lakers? Yeah, I’m for it! »

Sent to the Timberwolves a month ago in what is approaching the biggest move of the offseason, Rudy Gobert still continues to appear in transfer discussions. Several former glories of the league have notably imagined it… at the Lakers!

By giving up no less than five players and several first-round picks, the Timberwolves made it clear that they intended to build their project around him. Arrived in exchange for a huge consideration in Minnesota, Rudy Gobert will apparently have a big role to play. His new franchise is indeed ambitious, and hopes to take advantage of his defensive science to perform. The latter would not have done any harm to other teams.

T-Mac and Matt Barnes dreamed of Rudy Gobert at the Lakers

A few days before Gobert left the Jazz and joined Minneapolis, his departure was no longer really a shadow of a doubt. He had also been the subject of a big debate involving former NBA players Matt Barnes, Chris Johnson and Tracy McGrady. All three then seemed to agree on the fact that the impact of the French pivot would have done wonders… to the Lakers!

Matt Barnes: Which Rudy Gobert team could help?

Chris Johnson : Right away ? You might laugh, but I would say the Lakers.

Matt Barnes: I tend to agree.

Tracy McGrady : I am for !

It is true that the protection of the circle was often a big fault of the Angelinos last year in the absence ofAnthony Davis. The arrival of Rudy, why not in exchange for Russell Westbrook, would necessarily have improved this sector of LA’s defense. On the other hand, it would also have caused the birth of another problem, rightly pointed out by Gilbert Arenas:

Gilbert Arenas : Remember, the Lakers still end up playing small-ball in the 4th quarter!

Tracy McGrady : Yeah, that’s right, AD goes post 5.

Gilbert Arenas : Exactly, so Rudy wouldn’t even be in the field! You would have a superstar sitting on the bench in the clutch!

The reflection is no longer necessary, since Gobzilla will find the Purple & Gold as a Wolves player in the coming months!

Before seeing him join Minnesota, Rudy Gobert seemed like the perfect rookie for the Lakers in the eyes of Matt Barnes, Chris Johnson and Tracy McGrady. Unfortunately, it seems that the angelino front office has never explored this track!



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