Rubén and his passion for the bow

Without a doubt, the passion of Ruben Cieplinski (47) is the bow. He went from being a field goalkeeper to becoming a goalie on the shooting line. “I came to be in the 15th position at the national level, which for me is very important,” he said in a talk with SPORTING.

Before coming to archery, Cieplisnki was the goalkeeper for Atlético Campo Grande, where he started at the Escuelita de Fútbol and was a figure in the great stage of the aurinegro in the Obereña Regional League. Even before the pandemic, the institution did not have a goalkeeper, Rubén did not hesitate to sign up and played some games defending the three sticks.

But just over a year ago he discovered archery, a sport he shares with his daughter Nahiara and his friend Pedro Penayo. “In principle, like all sports, it is difficult but later you take a liking to it. It is a discipline that depends on you, it is something spectacular”, assured. “At the national level, I was ranked 15th, which is important to me,” she added.

Now Rubén is fully preparing for the National Final that will be held in Alem on the 13th and 14th of this month at the Leandro N. Alem Germano-Argentino Cultural Center. In addition, he dreams of opening a school in Campo Grande, to continue promoting the practice.

“What we intend is to target the hotbed because we need it for the activity to grow and allow us to have representatives in the tournaments. We travel twice a week to Germany and this year we are federated with the Argentine Federation, as the Missionary Association of Archery (AMiTA) and we are trying to be at all the meetings”.

The modality of the National Final is Room, so the classified team is training to arrive in the best way.

There are six AMiTA competitors, in addition to Cieplinski, Pedro Penayo (Oberá) in the Senior Male Raso category, Cristian Rojas (Foz de Iguazu), Daniel Scheske and Marcelo Szydloski (Alem) in the Senior Male Recurve WA category and Paola Brodzicz (San Vicente) in the Recurve WA category Senior Female.

Around 200 archers from all over the country are expected to participate. “There are good expectations for everyone. It is very important for us because a National Final will not be repeated soon in Germany, so we invite you to come and see. The idea is to instill in young people that they also have competition and this year they join the Evita National Games”, closed Cieplinski.

The agenda
After the National Final, the next competition for the institution is on August 21 in Corrientes, in the Open Air mode, qualifying for the Bahía Blanca finals.


Archers from all over the country are expected to arrive in Misiones for the National Final of the Sala modality that will be played on August 13 and 14, in Germany.



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