RSV Lippe 23 Lünen: Kathi Tesmer from RSV Lippe 23 Lünen wins the 24h MTB Rad am Ring

Association and board member Kathrin Tesmer was able to secure victory in the 24-hour race on the Nürburgring with an outstanding performance again after 2019 with her team of 4 Burn Baby powered by Dextro Energy.

In intense heat, the 8.7km long circuit with a height of around 200m first went over the asphalt of the GP course, after which it went uphill over gravel and meadow paths to the historic Nürburg.

However, the victory could not have been achieved under a worse star. Kathrin Tesmer and her 3 companions, Kim-Sandy Große, Nelia Fuchs and Sabine Hoffmann from the Burn Baby powered by Dextro Energy team, first went full steam ahead on the very profiled circuit at the Nürburgring. However, 2 of her fellow campaigners had to take it easy early on, so that only Kathi and her team member Nelia Fuchs were left. But since team spirit is the top priority for both of them and giving up is not an option, they plucked up courage and rode lap after lap together from evening until the next morning.

Overall, the team rode 400km and 7820m in 46 laps and was rewarded with first place. “It was really, really exhausting. Especially at night I had a real sag and also had stomach pains. But at the latest when the sun rises and you drive into the sunrise, you know why you are so tormented.” – says Kathrin Tesmer.

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