RSCA Futures debut with scoreless draw against Deinze | Challenger Pro League 2022/2023

Felice Mazzu had claimed Mario Stroeykens and Julien Duranville for the transfer of the A-team to Sint-Truiden. They were therefore not in the first home match of the RSCA Futures.

The young home team claimed 59 percent of the ball over the entire game and also got the best chance before the break. Stassin should not miss, but kicked too centrally. Goalkeeper Ortola saved.

For Deinze, Kone kicked surprisingly and hard in the first half, but goalkeeper Verbruggen did not have to intervene. The shot went wide.

The few fans in Lotto Park saw the same picture after the break, but towards the end Deinze tried to increase the pressure on the young shoulders of his opponents.

Kone kicked the crossbar in the final phase, but the visitors did not get a single attempt between the posts throughout the game.

Stassin tried to lob in a counterattack, but the match ended as it had started: 0-0.



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