ROYAL OVIEDO | Ángel Montoro, in his presentation with Oviedo: “The objective is to win the first day”

Press conference of Ángel Montoro, new Real Oviedo player

Ángel Montoro is living a few frenetic hours. After being announced as a new Oviedo player at 10 in the morning, the Valencian has already had his presentation with what will be his new shirt for the season that starts in two weeks. Although he has just arrived, the Carbayón club already contacted him at the start of the market. “At the beginning of July, my agent told me about Oviedo’s interest, although it is true that there were other interested clubs. In the end I decided to get here because for me, the illusion is something very important and I have seen a lot of ambition and desire to do many things on the part of everyone “said the midfielder about the negotiations, who confessed to living this situation with some uncertainty, since he did not he was used to being a free player. “I hope to show all the confidence the club had in me on the pitch”, he confessed.

“I chose the Oviedo project mainly because I have come a lot to play here. I have enjoyed Carlos Tartiere as a rival, I have seen that it has an incredible social mass, and I think that playing here as a local has to be wonderful”, Montoro commented on his choice. Although he is not yet available for Bolo, the Valencian has already been talking with the trainers to gradually enter into a work dynamic. “For me I hope to be available tomorrow,” he joked. The new blue signing was cautious with the goals of the club. “The goal is to win matchday 1. Then matchday 2. And so on. We have to have ambition but calmly, ”he said.



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