Ronaldo’s new rudeness that went viral and outraged users on social networks

The new rudeness of Cristiano Ronaldo that became viral

Cristiano Ronaldo was once again the protagonist of the match Manchester United. On this occasion, as in the last duel against Liverpool, the Portuguese returned to occupy a place in the bank and his team won 1-0 against Southampton.

Despite entering after 70 minutes to play the final stretch of the match, the 37-year-old footballer became a trend in social networks not because of what was done during that time but because of what happened next to St Mary’s Stadium.

In the run-up to the match, the Portuguese approached the commentators and this time, unlike what happened at Old Trafford, He chose to greet all the former players. The video is now traveling the world and raised some divided opinions after seeing how He avoided greeting the presenter.

It was in the Manchester United-Liverpool preview

* Ronaldo’s rudeness to Carragher in the run-up to the duel against Liverpool

In the first place, from England they assured that this action of the Portuguese It only intensified what had happened before, when denied the salute to Jamie Carragher after the statements he had made about him in the run-up to the match against the Reds.

On this occasion, CR7 came over and greeted his former teammates, and now commentators from sports, Rio Ferdinand and Paul Scholes. At the same time, he also merged into a hug with the former striker Peter Crouchwho like Carragher, are referents of Liverpool.

The moment in question began to circulate quickly on social networks and it was there that users noticed a detail. “What does it cost to shake hands with a woman?”one asked. “He has a wife and children, he is not going to hug her,” ironized another while a third joked: “Could it be that she also spoke ill of him?”

During the same transmission, the presenter, Lynsey Hipgrave, He made reference to what happened and joked: “I was the one left blank this time. I wasn’t very happy with Rio.”

Cristiano Ronaldo was not part of the starting eleven against Southampton (Reuters)

In the same images, a comical and particular moment with Ferdinand could also be seen. When he got closer, Ronaldo threw some water on him and the former central defender, completely dressed in white, reproached him: “I have suede shoes and you throw water at me, man!”

It should be remembered that the historical defender Red Devil 43-year-old referred to the episode he had had CR7 with Carragher on his show Vibe with Five: “Carragher had expressed that Ronaldo is the problem and things like that. Trust me, Cristiano saw those comments and thought of going there. I just needed to calm him down, humiliate him, portray him in any way.”




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