Ronaldo is a strange recruit, no one wants him


Jamie Carragher comments on Cristiano Ronaldo’s current situation. According to him, no club wants to accept the Manchester United star.

Ronaldo still has one year on his contract with Man United. However, CR7 wants to leave Old Trafford sooner.

Ronaldo’s desire to withdraw from Man United is claimed because he still wants to play in the Champions League. The Red Devils are confirmed to be absent from the competition in the 2022/2023 season and have to settle for appearing in the ‘Friday Night League’ aka the Europa League.

Manchester United has given the green light for Cristiano Ronaldo to move to another club. The problem is, no team has been interested in signing the five-time Ballon d’Or winner.

Ronaldo was linked with Bayern Munich and Chelsea, but neither club needed CR7. Ronaldo was even rejected by Atletico Madrid fans when linked with The mattresses.

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher commented on the absence of a team interested in signing Ronaldo. He had expected this situation to happen when Manchester United signed CR7 from Juventus last season, a transfer which he admitted was ‘strange’.

Liverpool legend and English pundit, (Jamie Carragher. Photo: Getty Images)

“I always thought he [Ronaldo] is a strange recruit. I expected this situation to come, even if Ronaldo did his best for you [Manchester United],” Carragher told Sky Bet.

“He signed a two-year contract plus another year, which is beyond my comprehension, and he will never be a second player for anyone, but as a player at some stage in your career we all know you are not the same player and his career has lasted longer because he is a great professional.”

Carragher spoke further about Ronaldo. The Englishman suspected that CR7 was not only rejected by other clubs, but also isolated in the Man United dressing room.

“The fact he’s 37 now, 38 this season, he’s not the same player. He’s still a great goalscorer but he’s not the same player. I could be wrong, but no other club in Europe right now wants him.”

“United can’t seem to let him go when other clubs don’t want him. If you ask Ten Hag, I don’t think he wants him either. I’m not sure the dressing room at Manchester United wants Cristiano Ronaldo at the moment,” said Jamie Carragher. .

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