Roma LIVE market: Optimism for the arrival of Wijnaldum, agreement with Belotti – – Latest news As Roma calcio – Interviews, photos and videos

The Giallorossi transfer market told with constant updates: from Wijnaldum and Belotti up to the redundancies to be placed

All updates of the market of the Roma tell yourself LIVE. From the deal Wijnaldum still not closed with the PSG until the negotiations between Belotti and the Giallorossi club where an agreement was reached. Tiago Pintoin this last month of the transfer market, he will also have to place redundancies such as Shomurodov, Villar, Kluivert, Diawara and Veretout.

Ore 10:32 – From Spain: Nice and the Fulham I’m on Justin’s trail Kluivert. Roma coach José Mourinho has already decided to have the Dutchman coached separately and considers him out of the project. (READ THE NEWS)

Ore 9:50 – Braking for Bailly going towards Seville. They pop up like this Sarr del Chelsea e Handy of Tottenham. The first, left-handed, could come on loan. (READ THE NEWS)

Ore 9:45 –Bologna and Rome are still working to find the square on the negotiation that should lead Eldor Shomurodov under the two towers. The Emilians would like a loan with the right of redemption a 9 million euros, while the Giallorossi agree on this assessment, but would like a redemption obligation. (READ THE NEWS)

Ore 9:37 –Roma e Psg are still looking for the square on the formula for Wijnaldum and in the last few hours there has been a slight slowdown, both for problems regarding the division of the salary and for that linked to the loan formula: Pinto does not intend to sign a conditional right that becomes an obligation at the end of the season. However from Trigoria it filters optimism on closing the deal. (READ THE NEWS)

Ore 9:20 – Sampdoria focuses strongly on Villar to get to the element that must complete the midfield. There Roma until today he had said no to the formula of the loan with the right of redemption, the only one that the Sampdoria could afford without altering the balance sheet. Now, however, if Damsgaard greets Genoa, the situation could change. (READ THE NEWS)



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