Robert Alberts Officially Resigns from Persib Bandung

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Robert Alberts officially resigned as coach Persib BandungWednesday (10/8), following poor results in Liga 1.

The certainty was revealed by Persib through the club’s official website.

“After three seasons of being together, Persib and Robert Alberts decided to end it on Wednesday, August 10, 2022. The Dutch coach decided to resign from his position as head coach of the Blue Prince,” wrote Persib.

Persib management said this decision was taken after the Maung Bandung team had never won in the first three matches of Liga 1 this season.

“Persib and Robert have agreed not to continue their collaboration in Liga 1 2022/2023. This is inseparable from the results of PERSIB’s performance evaluation, which from three matches only won one point,” wrote Persib.

Robert’s decision to leave Persib could not be separated from Bobotoh’s hard pressure, especially after Persib lost to Borneo FC 1-4.


“The decision to resign from the head coach is an attitude taken by Robert. This step was taken for the good of Persib. For Persib, of course, it is not easy to face a difficult situation like this,” wrote Persib.

“Especially at the beginning of the season and having to find a replacement coach immediately. It’s not easy to find a replacement coach who is ready to get a big mandate to achieve the best in Liga 1 2022/2023,” continued Persib.

Finally, Persib management would like to thank Robert.

“Based on the spirit of mutual respect and for the common interest and the good of Persib, Robert also said goodbye to his resignation. Thank you, Robert Alberts, for the professionalism that has been shown so far. The dedication and contribution that has been given to the team that we will never forget,” wrote the Persib party. .

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