Retro sneakers: The best to buy this fall 2022

It’s time to go back to school! So it’s the ideal time to start looking for our new sports obsessions with the best tennis models. Whether on the sports scene or on the street, tennis of all stylesThey are absolutely everywhere. They have become a true indispensable element of your wardrobe. A totem of fashion, these sports parts they are recreated and updated each season by an entourage of designers who adorn them with UFO details, bold colors and intriguing effects.

And since going back to school (and work) usually means a series of style changes, Vogue collect the most desired tennis pairs of the moment, from the classic versions such as the classic Converse high-top sneakers, to the New Balance interpretations, or the retro Adidas models in all their shades…

In this season, it is not necessary to necessarily carry the pop of summer color. Although you know, the color has not disappeared, but if you want your new acquisitions to have a classic touch and can be versatile with all your looks, we want to show you the tennis in trend that go well with everything you have in your wardrobe.

Do you consider yourself from the minimalist group? The retro style tennis that you are about to see, they are an ideal embodiment of the perfect models to add them to your dresses, midi skirts, tailored pants and more. Choose the pairs according to your personality and take them wherever you want!

Article originally published by Vogue France, Adapted by Monica Silveti



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